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Fall 2021 programs to be announced

The Baltimore Council of Foreign Affairs is soliciting applications for the position of President. The President is the chief executive officer of the Council and reports to the Council’s Board of Trustees. The President is responsible for the program of the Council and leads its engagement with the Baltimore area community.

The BCFA was founded in 1980 by a group of Baltimore civic leaders who believed that it was important for local business and the citizenry at large to have access to current high level information about foreign affairs. Over the past 41 years, the Council has hosted a wide array of speakers from the US and foreign countries, including senior US Government officials, foreign ambassadors to the United States, leading scholars of foreign affairs, and business and political leaders. The Council also sponsors educational programs for young people. Today, the Council has over 700 active members. Traditionally, Council programs have been held in person at the World Trade Center in Baltimore.  During the pandemic, programming has shifted to the internet and it is anticipated that in the future the Council’s programs will be conducted both in-person and virtually.

The future President of the Council will be a proven leader, knowledgeable about international affairs, acquired through prior experience in government, the military, academia, or the business world. The successful candidate will have demonstrated an ability to lead an organization and to adapt to a changing environment. In this regard, the President will lead the Council as it takes advantage of new technologies to expand its reach and membership. The President will also be comfortable interacting with the local business community and with political and civic leaders.

For more information about the position, including employment terms and an application package, please contact the Council at applications@bcfausa.org.

The Council is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


The Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs is dedicated to citizen education in foreign affairs.  It is a non-partisan, non-position taking, not for profit, open membership association.  It’s centerpiece is a serious discussion of American foreign policy, its distinguished speakers program, which brings twelve to sixteen notable authorities to Baltimore to meet with members and guests each year.

Dues are kept remarkably low so that all with an interest in American foreign policy can join.  $60. for an individual and $90 for a family.   Members may attend every address and accompanying receptions free of charge.


Contributing members are also invited to leadership dinners with speakers which follow programs. 

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All programs are available on our You Tube page. Listings by speaker name, topic, or chronology may be purchased if you contact the Council office.  Also, videos of previous programs may be purchased or rented from the Council library.

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