Aubrey Harley, Bishop

Founder, Senior Pastor, Healthy Choice Ministries

Bishop Aubrey A. Harley is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Healthy Choice Ministries–The Cathedral, and the Presiding Prelate of Healthy Choice Ministries International, both headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. At God’s calling, he left a lucrative engineering career at Westinghouse Electric Corporation (now Northrop Grumman Corporation), and established Deeper Life Church (now Healthy Choice Ministries) during the summer of 1994. In 2001, Bishop Harley founded Healthy Choice Ministries International to provide a spiritual covering for other congregational leaders. He received his Doctorate in Theology/Divinity from the Family Bible College and Seminary in Baltimore, Maryland and holds an honorary Doctorate of Humanities from Spirit of Truth Institute in Virginia. In 2006, Bishop Harley was consecrated and inducted into the
Ecclesiastical Reign of Bishop with Apostolic Succession. He currently holds memberships in many prominent organizations. Most notably, his participation in the Baltimore Council of Foreign Affairs has afforded him avenues of advocacy for interfaith relations.

With his extensive studies on global race matters, Bishop Harley has become well-known for his ecumenical and diplomatic approach to matters of faith, world issues, and social injustices. He is a respected teacher, author, theologian and true apologist, sought out by leaders representing government, public, private, and non-profit organizations for counsel and guidance, both domestically and internationally. His expertise has led him abroad to countries such as Nigeria, Oman and Qatar, delivering his message of truth, hope, inspiration and justice to small and large audiences alike.