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The Trustees of the


Cordially Invite You to an Address by


Mr. Daniel Berger

Editorial Writer, Baltimore Sun (ret.)


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Reception: 5:15 p.m.      Address: 6:00 p.m.


Members: Free of Charge* – Guest of a Member: $10.00 – Non-Members: 25.00**

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“An Endangered Great Britain”

The future of the United States’ most steady friend in international affairs, Great Britain, now faces the danger of a crippling, perhaps as serious as the loss of great power status following the Second World War. Brexit may result in diminishing wealth, ending London’s role as the world’s leading financial center, the exodus of Scotland and/or Northern Ireland from Great Britain, and a changed relationship with Ireland. Dan Berger, former editorial writer for the Baltimore Sun, long-time trustee and member of the Council, and a careful student of Great Britain and its future, will introduce what he sees as the endangerment of Great Britain, to even its survival as we know it.


In a first for the Council, after Mr. Berger’s presentation the floor will be open not only for questions, but also for commentaries and discussion. We have members who are very well informed on the subject. This is a bit of an experiment for the Council, but we believe that the discussion will be rich and interesting while being marked by our usual self-discipline. Great Britain is important to the international order and certainly to the United States in particular. We look forward to an informative evening on a serious, but under-discussed matter.  


Mr. Berger is a graduate of Oberlin College, and was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard. 35 years of his 48 year career in journalism was with the Sun, largely as an editorial writer, but also as London correspondent during the Sun’s glory days when it was known for its extraordinary international coverage. Throughout his career, Mr. Berger appropriately has been the recipient of notable awards for distinguished journalism.


It is a great pleasure to welcome the attentive and thoughtful Dan Berger to the Council’s podium.

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