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The Trustees of the


Cordially Invite You to an Address by


Dr. Gary Hufbauer


Reginald Jones Senior Fellow

Peterson Institute for International Economics


February 12, 2015

Reception: 5:15 p.m.      Address: 6:00 p.m.                


Members: Free of Charge* – Guest of a Member: $20.00 – Non-Members: 25.00**


“Trade Trifecta in 2015?”

Fast track approval (TPA), the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with the European Union are the heart of the Administration’s trade policy; and have not only economic, but also geopolitical significance in Asia and Europe.  The “Trifecta” will be addressed by one of the nation’s outstanding analysts of United States trade policy, Dr. Gary Clyde Hufbauer of the Peterson Institute. 


Dr. Hufbauer has written extensively on international trade, investment, and tax issues.  Strengths he brings to the Council are roughly illustrated by  the geographic range covered in his over two dozen authored or coauthored works (China, Russia, Cuba, Indonesia, Switzerland, Morocco, the Maghreb, the Asia-Pacific region, the Western Hemisphere, and North America) and by economic policy themes that include foreign investment, exports, global warming and the world trade system, economic sanctions, taxation policies and corporate taxes, world capital markets, the Export-Import Bank, telecommunications, tax reform, and protectionism.


Gary Clyde Hufbauer has been a Senior Research Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics for over two decades.  Earlier positions include Director of the International Tax staff and Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Trade and Investment Policy at the U.S. Treasury; Professor of International Financial Diplomacy and Deputy Director of the International Law Institute at Georgetown University; and Director of Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.


It is a pleasure to welcome Dr. Gary Clyde Hufbauer to the Council.


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