We provide our members the information needed to better understand the world’s major trouble spots, to grasp what went wrong in places where American policy failed and to put the spotlight on places where the United States should consider playing a role.

Our Ukraine blog features daily updates from three sources to help our members better understand the battlefield.
– The Ukraine Defense Ministry’s daily tally of damage inflicted on Russian forces;
– The Russian Defense Ministry’s daily tally of damage inflicted on Ukrainian forces;
– The Institute for the Study of War’s (ISW) – a Washington DC-based think tank’s –  summary of the day’s events.

Russian statistics appear to be highly exaggerated, but by comparing the official statements day-to-day, it’s possible to spot the major trends in the war. Ukrainian data for Russians killed-in-action are considerably higher than data issued by Western defense intelligence agencies, but Western governments routinely cite a wide range of other Ukrainian assessments of the battlefield, so it isn’t clear to what extent Ukrainian assessments are inflated.

The ISW’s analyses have hewed close to the course of events and have often proved prescient about developments as they evolve.

Our goal is to enable our members to form their own judgements about the course of the war through examining these three resources.