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The Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs presents a series of events each year which hosts some of the most serious intellectuals and practitioners who shape international affairs today. Its mission is to promote the discussion and contemplation of the day's most pressing issues.

The Distinguished Speakers Program

Educational Conferences

Public Broadcasts

The Distinguished Speakers Program features presentations by sixteen distinguished authorities on foreign affairs each year.


The Program is comprehensive with respect to major contemporary issues and geography, and is sensitive to the underpinnings of American foreign policy. The program is evenhanded, balanced, and does not take a position on the issues presented. About half the speakers are Americans and half non-Americans.

In order to further our educational goals, the Council hosts three educational conferences throughout the academic year. The fall season sees our conference for secondary school Social Studies teachers; the winter holds a conference for secondary school students interested in foreign affairs; the spring completes the season with a conference for students and faculty of higher education institutions throughout Maryland. If you are interested in attending one of the conferences and are a member of one of these groups, please contact the Council. If you are interested in supporting these conferences with a sponsorship, please contact

All events are made available on a "network" of television stations that broadcast our events.  They also are available via our YouTube Channel.  


For a list of stations and broadcast hours, click HERE.


For a schedule of upcoming television broadcasts, please click HERE.


If you are interested in renting or purchasing copies of any Council events, find more information about payments HERE.





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