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10/4/2007         Mr. Gordon England

Deputy Secretary, United States Department of Defense

“A Perspective on the Current Situation in Iraq, Security Challenges to the United States”


10/17/2007       Ambassador David M. Satterfield

Senior Adviser to the Secretary of State on Iraq, State Department Coordinator for Iraq

“The Way Ahead in Iraq”


11/1/2007         Mr. John Duke Anthony

Founding President and CEO, National Council on US-Arab Relations

“American and the GCC, Iraq, and Iran: Analyses and Assessments”


11/8/2007         Mr. Mark Matthews

Former Diplomatic Correspondent, Baltimore Sun

“Missed Opportunities in the Middle East”


12/17/2007       Mr. Daniel S. Sullivan

Assistant Secretary of State for Economic, Energy, and Business Affairs

“American Economic Leadership and Strageties in an Era of Changing Dynamics”


02/6/2008         Mr. David Wood

Defense Correspondent, Baltimore Sun

“The Next President and the War on Terrorism”


02/20/2008       Ambassador John Bruton

Head of Delegation of the European Commission to the United States, Former Prime Minister of Ireland

“Why the European Union Matters to Baltimore”


03/5/2008         Dr. Todd J. Moss

Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of African Affairs

“Africa, an Emerging Strategic Partner”


03/19/2008       Panel Discussion

“A New Maritime Strategy for the Nation”

Vice Admiral John Morgan, Jr.

Brigadier General Lawrence Nicholson

Rear Admiral Brian Salerno

Commodore K.E. Williams


04/8/2008        R. James Woolsey

Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

“Energy, Security and the Long War of the 21st Century”


05/15/2008       Muhammad Aslam Khan

Deputy Chief of Mission and Acting Ambassador, Embassy of Pakistan

“United States-Pakistan Relations”


06/10/2008       Ambassador Christopher R. Hill

                          Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs

“United States Relations in Asia: The Six-Party Talks and Other Essential Regional Issues”


06/19/2008       Oleg Danilovich Kalugin

Major General, KGB, 1958-1990; Chief of Foreign Counterintelligence 1973-1980

                         “Russia: Today and Tomorrow”


06/30/2008      Richard W. Murphy

                         Former Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs

                         “Listening to Iraqis on Iraq’s Crisis”


10/02/08          Dr. Robert O. Freeman

                          Professor Emeritus, Baltimore Hebrew University; Visiting Professor, the

Johns Hopkins University

“The Russian Invasion of Georgia: Implications for the Middle East, NATO and Russian-American Relations”


10/16/08          Ambassador John D. Negroponte

                         Deputy Secretary of State

                         “An Overview of Foreign Policy Priorities”


11/06/08          Ambassador Dell L. Dailey

Coordinator for Counterterrorism, Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism, U.S. State Department

“ Challenges and Progress in the War on Terrorism”


11/17/08          His Excellency Sudjadnan Parnohadiningrat

                         Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia

                         “Bilateral Relations Between Indonesia and the United States”        


12/03/08          His Excellency Sallai Meridor

                         Ambassador of Israel

                         “Challenges Facing the United States and Israel”



12/16/08          Dr. Richard N. Cooper

                         Maurits C. Boas Professor of International Economics, Harvard University

                         “Prospects for the World Economy”


02/04/09          Minister Xie Feng

                         Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in

the United States

“China’s Development and China-U.S. Relations”                       


03/03/09          His Excellency Sergey I. Kislyak

                         Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United States

                         “The Agenda for United States –Russia Relations”


03/10/2009      Dr. Martin Murphy, Senior Fellow, Center for Strategic and Budgetary


Captain Samuel M. Neill, U.S. Coast Guard

                         Captain Gordan Van Hook, U.S. Navy, (Ret.)

                         “Piracy Panel”


04/07/2009      The Honorable Benjamin L. Cardin

                         U.S. Senator, State of Maryland; Member, Foreign Relations Committee

                         “The Obama Foreign Policy: Meeting Extraordinary Challenges”


04/30/2009      Mr. Thomas Donnelly

                         Defense and Security Policy Analyst and Resident Fellow, The American

        Enterprise Institute

                         “Obama’s Defense Plans and the Future of American Power”                       


05/14/2009      His Excellency Antonio de Aguiar Patriota

                        Ambassador of Brazil to the United States

                        “United States-Brazil Relations under Presidents Obama and Lula”


06/09/09           Ambassador Hector E. Morales

                           United States Permanent Representative to the Organization of American


A discussion of the outcomes of the Fifth Summit of the Americas, held

April 17-19 in Trinidad and Tobago, and the 2009 Meeting of the O. A. S.

General Assembly to be held June 2-3 in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.


09/22/09           His Excellency Arturo Sarukhan Casamitjana

                          Ambassador of Mexico to the United States

                          “United States-Mexico Relations: Distant Neighbors or Strategic Partners?”


10/22/09           Professor Robert O. Freedman

Peggy Meyerhoff Pearlstone Professor Emeritus, Baltimore Hebrew University; Visiting Professor, Johns Hopkins University

“Obama’s Changing Policy towards the Arab-Israeli Conflict”


11/10/09          Mr. Steve Forbes

                          Chairman of the Board and CEO, Forbes Media; Editor-in-Chief Forbes Magazine

                          “Whither the Economy—and the Idea of Entrepreneurial Capitalism?”


11/24/09          His Excellency Pierre Nicolas Vimont

                          Ambassador of France to the United States

                          “The Challenges of the Global Economy: A French Point of View”


12/10/09           Professor David M. Lampton

                           Dean of faculty, The George and Sadie Hymen Professor of China

Studies, director of the C hina Studies Program, the Johns Hopkins School

of Advanced International Studies

“United States-China Relations in the Obama Era”


1/27/10              John Duke Anthony, Ph. D.

                           President and CEO, National Council on U. S.-Arab Relations

                           “U. S.-Arab/Islamic Relations: Going Where?”


2/8/10               Michael O’Hanlon, Ph. D.

                           Director of Research and Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy; Director of

Research, 21st Century Defense Initiative; Sydney Stein Jr. Chair, The

Brookings Institution

“Toughing It Out in Afghanistan”


2/22/10             His Excellency Peter N. R. O. Ogego

                           Ambassador of the Republic of Kenya to the United States

                          “United States-Kenya Relations”


2/24/10             His Excellency Boguslaw Winid

                           Permanent Representative of Poland to NATO and the European Union

                           “Contribution of Poland to Stabilization in Afghanistan”


4/8/10                Kurt M. Campbell, Ph. D.

                           Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs

                           “United States Policy towards Asia”


5/10/10             Ambassador Linton F. Brooks

                           Former Under Secretary of Energy for Nuclear Security and Administrator

of the National Nuclear Security Administration

                           “The 2010 Nuclear Posture Review: An Overview and Observations”


5/26/10              Jonathan Lawley, Ph. D.

                           Former director, Royal African Society and Africa director, British

Executive Service Overseas

                           “Helping Africa to Become a Fully Functioning Part of the World: A New Approach”


6/1/10                Anthony Cordesman, Ph. D.

                           Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy, Center for Strategic and International Studies

                          “The Current Situation in Afghanistan”


6/15/10             Mr. Dominick Chilcott

                           Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy in Washington, DC

                          “How the New British Government Sees Transatlantic Relations”


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