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9/15/10              Her Excellency Meera Shankar

                           Ambassador of India to the United States

                           “United States-India Relations”


10/13/10            Ambassador Robert O. Blake

                           Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs

                           “India Has Risen: Strategic Engagement with India”


11/4/10             Kori Schake, Ph. D.

                           Distinguished Chair in International Security Studies at the United States

Military Academy; Hoover Institution Research Fellow

                           “Iran’s Nuclear Program and What To Do about It”


11/30/10           Mr. Steven Emerson

                           Executive Director, The Investigative Project on Terrorism

                           “Radicalization and Islamic Extremism in the United States”


12/14/10            His Excellency Dr. Klaus Scharioth

                           Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United States

                           “The Transatlantic Agenda”


1/20/2011          Ms. Roberta S. Jacobson

                           Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere


                           “The Obama Administration and the Americas: Looking Ahead”


2/9/2011            Mr. Kenneth Hackett

                           President, Catholic Relief Services

                           “Haiti: Challenges on the Path Ahead”


3/21/2011          His Excellency Adebowale Ibidapo Adefuye

                           Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the U.S.

                           “Nigeria in World Affairs and Her Relations with the United States”


3/30/2011          William Overholt, Ph.D.

                           Senior Fellow, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

                           “China’s New Politics, New Economy and New International Behavior”


4/13/2011          Dr. John Duke Anthony

                           Founder, CEO and President, The National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations

                           “Analyzing Transformational Change in the Arab World”


5/19/2011          Mr. William E. Craft, Jr.

                           Deputy Assistant Secretary for Trade Policy and Programs, Bureau of

Economic, Energy, and Business Affairs

                           “The Three Trade Agreements: Colombia, Korea, and Panama”


5/24/2011          His Excellency Namik Tan

                           Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to the United States

                           “Turkish Foreign Policy and Turkish-U. S. Relations in an Era of Change”


6/15/2011          Piracy Panel

                           Ms. Donna L. Murphy, Coordinator of Counter-Piracy and Maritime

Security, United States Department of State

                           Martin N. Murphy, Ph. D., Visiting Fellow, Corbett Centre for Maritime

Studies, King’s College, London

                           Daniel Whiteneck, Ph. D., Director of European Programs, Center for

Strategic Studies, Center for Naval Analyses

                           R. Robinson Harris, Ph. D., USN (Ret.), Director of Advanced Concepts,

Lockheed Martin Corporation


6/27/2011          Senator Ben Cardin

                           United States Senator, Maryland; Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

                           “…to the Shores of Tripoli: Democracy on the March in a Post bin Laden World”


9/21/2011          Ambassador Martin S. Indyk

                           Vice President and Director of Foreign Policy, The Brookings Institution

                           “Israel and the Arab Awakenings”


10/6/2011          Mr. Bruce Riedel

                           Senior Fellow, The Saban Center for Middle East Policy, The Brookings


                           “Pakistan: The Most Dangerous Country in the World?”


10/20/2011        Professor Robert O. Freedman

                           Visiting Professor, Johns Hopkins University; Professor Emeritus,

Baltimore Hebrew University

                           “Can Putin’s Russia Be an Ally to the United States?”


11/09/2011        Mr. Tom Bowman

                           Pentagon Correspondent, National Public Radio

                           “Afghanistan: Voices from the Front”


11/15/2011        His Excellency Joao Vale de Almeida

Head of Delegation

Delegation of the European Union to the United States

“Exiting the Crisis: Steps to Confidence and Growth”


12/15/2011       Thomas J. Christensen, Ph. D.

                           William P. Boswell Professor of World Politics of Peace and War; Co-

                           Director, China and the World Program, Princeton University

                          “China’s Foreign Policy since the Financial Crisis”


1/12/2012          William Moomaw, Ph. D.

                           Professor of International Environmental Policy; Director, Center for

                           International Resource Policy, Fletcher School, Tufts University

                           “Energy, National Security, and Climate Change”


2/22/2012          Steven David, Ph. D.

Professor of International Relations; Vice Dean of Undergraduate

Education, the Johns Hopkins University

                           “Apocalypse Now?: Iran’s Nuclear Threat to Israel and What To Do about It”


2/27/2012          Panel on “American Grand Strategy”

Daniel Whiteneck, Ph. D., Research Analyst, Center for Naval    Analyses

Mr. Bryan McGrath, Founding Director of Delex Consulting, Studies & Analysis

Captain Peter Swartz, USN, (Ret.), Senior Analyst, Center for Naval Analyses


3/21/2012          His Excellency D. Jorge Dezcallar de Mazarreddo

Ambassador of Spain to the United States

                           “The Euro Crisis and United States-Spain Relations”


4/4/2012            Michael E. O’Hanlon, Ph.D.

                           Director of Research and Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy; 21st Century Defense

                           Initiative; The Sydney Stein, Jr. Chair, the Brookings Institution

“Bending History: Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy”


4/26/2012          The Honorable Robert S. Ford

United States Ambassador to Syria

                           “The Arab Spring—Syria’s Uprising and America’s Options”


6/11/12              Representative Dutch Ruppersberger

                           Congressman, Maryland’s 2nd District

                           Ranking Member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence

                           Member, House Armed Services Committee

                           “A Perspective on American Foreign Policy”


6/20/12              Mr. Kenneth Wollack

                           President, National Democratic Institute

                           “The Arab Spring and the Pursuit of Democracy”


9/20/12              John J. Mearsheimer, Ph. D.

                           R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science

                           University of Chicago

                           “Can China Rise Peacefully?”


10/9/12              Mr. Franklin Miller

                           Principal, The Scowcroft Group

                           “The Continued Relevance of the U.S. Nuclear Deterrent”


11/14/12            Ambassador Steven Pifer

Director, Arms Control Initiative and Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy,

Center on the United States and Europe, The Brookings Institute                           

“The Arms Control Opportunity in 2013”


11/27/12            Professor Nathan J. Brown

Professor of Political Science and International Affairs,

Georgetown University

“Islamist Movements After The Arab Uprisings and What They Mean To The United States.”


12/5/12              His Excellency Olexander Motsyk

Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States

                           “The Prospects of Relations between Ukraine and the U.S.”


1/22/13              Dr. Nelly Lahoud

                           Senior Associate, Countering Terrorism Center, WestPoint

         Associate Professor, the United States Military Academy

                           “Is Jihadism an Enduring Threat?”


2/7/13                Senator Ben Cardin

                           United States Senator, Maryland; Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

                           “Magnitsky:  Reaffirming America’s Leadership on Human Rights.”


2/28/13             His Excellency Othman Hashim

                          Ambassador of Malaysia to the United States


4/4/13               His Excellency Ryszard Schnepf
                          Ambassador of The Republic of Poland to the United States    


4/23/13             Professor David M. Lampton
                           George and Sadie Hyman Professor of China Studies
                           Director of the China Studies Program
                           Former Dean of Faculty
                           Johns Hopkins School of International Studies   

"How Well are America and China Cooperating?


5/16/13              The Honorable Donald Teitelbaum

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs

United States Department of State

"Building Parnerships to Prevent the Spread of Terrorism in Africa"


6/12/13              Professor Robert Legvold

Marshall Schulman Professor Emeritus

Columbia Uniersity

"Whither Russia? What Difference Does it Make To US?"


6/12/2013          Professor Robert Legvold

                           Marshall Schulman Professor Emeritus

                           Columbia University

                          “Whither Russia? What Difference Does It Make To us?”


10/8/2013          Professor Henry Nau

                          Professor, The George Washington University

                          Elliott School of International Relations

                          “The Obama Foreign Policy: A Conservative Internationalist Approach”


10/22/2013      His Excellency Ebrahim Rasool

                         Ambassador of South Africa to the United States

                         The Diplomacy of Ubuntu: Drawing on Nelson Mandela’s Lesson for Solving Global Conflict”


10/31/2013      General Keith B. Alexander

                         Director of the National Security Agency

                         Director of United States Cyber Command

                         Cyber Challenges”


11/19/2013        Dr. Mary Habeck

                           Associate Professor

                           Johns Hopkins SAIS

                          “Al Qaeda’s Grand Strategy in its War with the World”


12/2/2013          Professor James Clad

                          Senior Advisor

                          Center for Naval Analyses

                          “The World Politics of a Changing Energy Landscape”


12/11/2013        His Excellency Francois Delattre

                          Ambassador of France to the United States

                          “New Opportunities in the French-American and Transatlantic Partnerships”





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