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9/21/2015  The Honorable Anne C. Richard

                  Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration

                  U.S. Department of State

                  “America's Role in Helping Refugees at Home and Abroad”


10/8/2015  Dr. Michael O’Hanlon

                  Director of Research, Foreign Policy Program

                  The Brookings Institution

                  “The Future of Land Warfare”


11/5/2015  Professor David M. Lampton

                  George and Sadie Hyman Professor of China Studies

                   Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

                  “Thinking Strategically About U.S.-China Relations”


11/10/15     Professor James Goldgeier

                  Dean, School of International Service

                  American University

                  “Ukraine, Syria and the Downfall of U.S.-Russia Relations”


12/09/15    The Honorable Daniel Speckhard

                  President & CEO, Lutheran World Relief

                  Former United States Ambassador to Greece

                  “Greece and the European Project: Canary in the Coalmine?”


2/10/2016  Mr. Joseph Cirincione

                  President, Ploughshares Fund

                   "What's Next with Iran? The Future of Its Weapons Program and of Its Relations with the West"


2/25/2016  Stephen D. Biddle, Ph.D.

                  Professor of Political Science and International Affairs

                  Elliott School of International Affairs

                  George Washington University

                  “United States Strategy for Syria, Iraq, and the Islamic State”    


3/1/2016    Mr. John Andrews

                  Consultant Editor, The Economist

                  “The Presidential Challenge: from Israel to the Islamic State—and beyond”


3/15/2016  Mr. Ted Piccone, J.D.

                  Senior Fellow, Project on International Order and Strategy
                  The Brookings Institution
                  "The International Liberal Order and the Contest for Democracy"


4/14/2016  Rear Admiral Michael McDevitt

                  Senior Fellow, Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) Strategic Studies

                  "What is Going on in the South China Sea?  United States Interests and Chinese Behavior"


4/26/2016  His Excellency Arun Kumar Singh

                  Ambassador of India to the United States

                  "India and the United States: The Next Decade"

5/4/2016    The Honorable Ben Cardin

                  United States Senator from Maryland

                  Ranking Member, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

                  "Looking Ahead at America's Foreign Policy"

5/11/2016   John Duke Anthony, Ph.D.

                   Founding President and Chief Executive Officer

                   National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations

                   "America, Arabia,and the Gulf: At a Crossroads?"

6/15/2016   His Excellency David O'Sullivan

                   Ambassador of the European Union to the United States

                   "The Future of the EU and Transatlantic Relations"

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