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5/5/1980         Zbigniew Brzezinzki

                        Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs


6/1/1980         Robert Tucker

                        Professor of Political Science, The Johns Hopkins University

                        “The Crisis in American Foreign Policy”


10/8/1980      Donald F. McHenry

                        Representative of the United States to the United Nations

                        “The New Session: International Independence in the 1980s”


10/22/1980     Ashraf A. Ghorbal

                        Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the United States

                        “From Jerusalem to Camp David and Beyond”


10/28/1980     Ephraim Evron

                        Ambassador of Israel to the United States

                        “The Middle East Today: An Israeli View”


11/12/1980     The Baltimore Sun Foreign Policy Panel

                         Joseph Sterne, Charles Corddry, Mr. Rousmaniere, Henry Trewhitt “American Foreign Policy After                            the Election”

2/25/1981       Anthony Lake

                        Director of the Policy Planning Staff, Department of State

                        “The Carter Foreign Policy Reconsidered”

3/9/1981        Barbara Mikulski

                        U.S. Representative from Maryland’s 3rd District

                        “Foreign Affairs Responsibilities and Concerns”

3/19/1981      C. Fred Bergsten

                        Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace;

                        Former Assistant Secretary for International Affairs, U.S. Treasury

                        “The International Monetary Outlook”

3/23/1981       Charles McC. Mathias, Jr.

                        Senator from Maryland

                        “Needed: New Direction in American Foreign Policy”

4/1/1981         Japan Caravan

                        Sackiko Taguchi, Hirotsugo Iikubo, Mistuya Goto

                        “Japan and the United States”

4/14/1981         Olujimi Jolaoso

                        Ambassador of Nigeria to the United States

                        “Nigeria and the U.S.”

4/21/1981       William H. Sullivan

                        President, The American Assembly; U.S. Ambassador to Iran, 1977-1980

                        “Iran and the United States”

5/11/1981       William E. Schaufele, Jr.

                        President, Foreign Policy Association;

                        U.S. Ambassador to Poland, 1977-1980

                        “Poland Today: Crisis in Communism”

5/21/1981       Robert O. Freedman

                        Dean, Peggy Meyerhoff Pearlstone School of Graduate Studies;

                        Professor of Political Science, Baltimore Hebrew University

                        “Jerusalem as a Factor of the Arab-Israeli Conflict Since 1917”

6/16/1981       Marjorie Holt

                        U.S. Representative from Maryland’s 4th District

                        “Foreign Policy Prospects and Responsibilities”

9/15/1981       Gabriel A. Almond

                         Professor of Political Science, Emeritus, Stanford University

                         “The Politics of American Foreign Policy”

10/1/1981        John Browne

                         Member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom

                         “Comparative Economic Strategies of the Reagan and Thatcher Governments”

10/6/1981       Paul Sarbanes

                         Senator from Maryland

                         “The Formulation of American Foreign Policy: Some Reflections”

10/21/1981      Michael  Hudson

                         Director, Georgetown University Center for Contemporary Arab Studies

                         “Internal Tensions in the Arab East and Implications for

                         United States Foreign Policy”

10/29/1981      “Japan and the U.S.: Economic Partners or Competitors"   

                          Nathaniel Thayer, Eleanor Hadley, Katsuhiro Nakagawa

11/24/1981      The 2nd Annual Baltimore Sun Foreign Policy Panel

                          Joseph R.L. Sterne, Henry Trewhitt, Charles Corddry

                          “The Reagan Foreign Policy: Its First Year”

12/2/1981        Chai Zemin

                         Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the United States

                         “A Foreign Policy Address”

12/14/1981      John Peter Mbogua

                         Ambassador of Kenya to the United States

1/6/1982          Clarence D. Long

                         U.S. Representative from Maryland’s 2nd District

                         “Congressional Responsibilities in Foreign Policy”


1/28/1982        Jeanne Kirkpatrick

                         Representative of the United States to the United Nations

                         “Second Anniversary Address”

2/10/1982        Winston Lord

                         President, The Council on Foreign Relations

                         “American Foreign Policy: Reagan, Rhetoric and Reality”

2/17/1982        Philip Geyelin

                         Editor in Residence, The Johns Hopkins University

                         “America’s Quest for Stability in the Middle East”

2/24/1982        Khalil  Itani

                         Ambassador of Lebanon to the United States

                         “Lebanon and the Middle East”

3/3/1982          John Holdridge

                         Assistant Secretary of State for Asian Affairs

                         “The United States and the World”

3/17/1982        Allan Gotlieb

                         Ambassador of Canada to the United States

                         “Canada, the United States, and the World”

3/31/1982        Florencio Acosta

                          Charge d'Affairs, Embassy of Mexico

                          “Mexican-American Relations”

4/21/1982        Velentin Berezhkov

                          Institute on USA and Canadian Studies of the

                          Academy of Sciences of the USSR

                          “Russian Foreign Policy”

4/28/1982        Stepehn W. Bosworth

                         Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Relations

                         “The Caribbean Basin Initiative”

5/21/1982        William Brock

                         U.S. Trade Representative

                         “U.S. Trade Policy”

5/27/1982       Caspar Weinberger

                        Secretary of Defense

                        “A Major Defense Policy Address”

10/12/1982     Bernard Vernier-Palliez

                        Ambassador of France to the United States

                        “France and the United States – Imperatives of Alliance”

10/25/1982      S.I.P. van Campen

                          Directeur du Cabinet to Secretary General Joseph Luns, NATO

                         “The Atlantic Alliance and Western Security”


10/28/1982     Chester A. Crocker

                         Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs

                         “The Challenge to Regional Security in Africa: The U.S. Response”


11/15/1982     The 3rd Annual Baltimore Sun Foreign Policy Panel

                         Joseph R.L. Sterne, Henry Trewhitt, Charles Corddry

                         “The Mid-Term Elections and Reagan Foreign Policy”

11/23/1982     Richard B. Parker

                        Editor/Publisher, The Middle East Journal

                        “Lebanon and the Middle East”

12/9/1982      William Colby

                        Former CIA Director

                        “Nuclear Arms: Can They Be Controlled?”

12/13/1982     Moshe Arens

                        Ambassador of Israel to the United States

                        “The Israeli View of the Path to Peace in the Middle East”

1/6/1983         General John W. Vessy, Jr.

                        Chairman, The Joint Chiefs of Staff

                        “National Security Affairs”

2/8/1983         Beverly Byron

                        U.S. Representative from Maryland’s 6th District;

                        Member, House Armed Services Committee

                        “Adequate Defense and Budget Responsibility”

2/16/1983       Clovis  Maksoud

                        Permanent Observer of the League of Arab States at the United Nations; Chief Representative of                         the League of Arab States in the United States

                        “Arab Views of the Path to Peace in the Middle East”

3/2/1983         Yoshio Okawara

                        Ambassador of Japan to the United States

                        “Japan-United States Relations”

3/30/1983       K.R. Narayanan

                        Ambassador of India to the United States

                        “India and America: Shared Values”

3/30/1983       James P. Grant

                        Executive Director, United Children's Fund;

                        President, The Society for International Development

                        “The State of the World’s Children: New Hope in Dark Times”

4/14/1983       Japan Caravan

                        Katsuhiro Fujiwara, Kaoru Kobayashi, Tamostsu Asami

5/18/1983       Munir P. Benjenk

                        Vice President, External Relations, World Bank

                        “The Role of the World Bank in Accelerating Growth in Developing Countries”

5/25/1983       Helmut Sonnenfeld

                        Guest Scholar, Division of Foreign Policy, Brookings Institute

                        “Prospects for U.S.-Soviet Relations”

6/29/1983       Peter Hermes

                        Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United States

                        “The Federal Republic of Germany’s Foreign policy and Current Challenges Facing the Western                            Alliance”

7/13/1983       Lucio Garcia de Solar

                        Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to the United States

                        “Argentina’s Foreign Policy”




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