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9/3/1986         CSCE Forum

                         Congressman Steny Hoyer and Ambassador Warren Zimmerman

                         “CSCE Forum: Looking Forward to Vienna”


9/29/1986       Panel on Asian Development

                         International Economic Authorities from three Asian Countries

                         “America’s Stake in Asian Development”


10/29/1986     Nobuo Matsunaga

                         Ambassador of Japan to the United States

                         “The Foreign Policy of Japan”


10/30/1986     Linda Chavez

                        Republican Candidate for United States Senate

                        “Comprehensive Statement of Foreign Affairs Policy”


11/12/1986     Clovis  Maksoud

                         Permanent Observer of the League of Arab States at the United Nations;

                         Chief Representative of the League in the United States

                         “Arab Aspirations and Policies”


1/7/1987         The 7th Annual Baltimore Sun Foreign Policy Panel

                        Joseph R.L. Sterne, Charles Corddry, Stephens Broening

                        “After Reykjavik and the Iran-Contra Scandals”


2/4/1987         Frederick Chien

                        Representative, CQNAA, Taiwan

                        “The Foreign Policy of the Republic of China on Taiwan”


2/18/1987       General J.A. Abrahamson

                         Director, Strategic Defense Initiative

                         “SDI Update”


3/5/1987         Edmund Richard Mashoko Garwe

                        Ambassador of Zimbabwe to the United States

                        “Foreign Policy of Zimbabwe and the Future of South Africa”


3/11/1987       Robert Kupperman

                        Georgetown School of International and Security Studies

                        “Terrorism: Today and Tomorrow”


3/18/1987       Vernon Walters

                        Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations

                        “Representing America’s Interests”


3/25/1987       William L. Eagleton, Jr.

                        Ambassador of the United States to Syria

                        “Syria, the U.S. and Peace in the Middle East”


4/9/1987         Ernesto Palazio

                        Washington Representative, Unidad Nicaraguense Opositora

                        “Nicaragua: Today and Tomorrow”


4/20/1987       Sam Nunn

                        Senator from Georgia

                        “United States National Security Policy”


4/23/1987       Stuart S. Keitz

                        Director, Office of Automotive and Industrial Affairs, U. S. Department

                        of Commerce

                        “The Global Automobile Industry and Its Impact on the United States”


4/29/1987       Pratap Kishan  Kaul

                        Ambassador of India to the United States

                        “The Foreign Policy of India”


5/7/1987         Jeremy R. Azrael

                        Senior Staff Member, Rand Corporation

                        “Trends and Prospects in U.S.-Soviet Relations”


5/17/1987       Alan Keyes

                        Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations

                        “Morality in the United States and World Politics”


5/20/1987       Edward Lincoln

                        Brookings Institution

                        “Competitiveness in a Weak Dollar Regime”


5/27/1987       Richard T. McCormack

                        Ambassador of the United States to the Organization of American States

                        “Prospects for U.S.-South American Trade”


6/3/1987         Sukru Elekdag

                        Ambassador of the Turkish Republic to the United States

                        “The Foreign Policy of Turkey”


6/10/1987       Richard N. Fein

                        Ambassador of the Netherlands to the United States

                        “Political Aspects of the Economic Relations Between Europe

                        and the United States”


7/21/1987       Antero Pietila

                        Moscow Bureau Chief, The Baltimore Sun

                        “Glasnost: Developments in Gorbachev’s Soviet Union”


9/2/1987         Guy de Muyser

                        Permanent Representative of Luxembourg to the North Atlantic Council

                        “The European Role in East-West Security Questions”


9/9/1987         Carlos  Tunnermann

                        Ambassador of Nicaragua to the United States

                        “The Foreign Policy of Nicaragua”


9/14/1987       C. Thomas McMillen

                        U.S. Representative from Maryland’s 4th District

                        “Foreign Trade and Investment”


10/5/1987       John Duke Anthony

                        President, The National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations

                        “Politics and the Persian Gulf”


10/28/1987     Noritoshi Mabuchi

                        General Manager, Research Headquarters, Industrial Bank of Japan

                        “Japan’s Reverse Investment in the United States”


11/4/1987       Shaikh Saud Nasir Al-Sabah

                        Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to the United States

                        “The Foreign Policy of Kuwait”


11/17/1987     Panel of Middle Eastern Scholars

                        “Commentaries on U.S. Policy in the Middle East”


11/18/1987     Debate on U.S. Middle Eastern Policy

                         James Abourezk, Former U.S. Senator;

                        Herman Bookbinder, Past  President, American Jewish  Committee


12/8/1987       Lawrence A. Pezzullo

                        Executive Director, Catholic Relief Services; Former U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua

                        “World Poverty and U.S. Foreign Policy: The Public Role of Private Organizations”


1/6/1988        The 8th Annual Baltimore Sun Foreign Policy Panel

                        Joseph R.L. Sterne, Charles Corddry, Stephens Broening

                        “President Reagan’s Final Year”


1/27/1988       Valeriano Ferrao

                        Ambassador of Mozambique to the United States

                        “The Foreign Policy of Mozambique”


1/10/1988       Mirosoav Houstecky

                        Ambassador of Czechoslovakia to the United States

                        “Arms and Economics: A Warsaw Pact View”


2/23/1988       Oded Eran

                        Minister of the Israeli Embassy

                        “The West Bank, Gaza, and the Peace Process”


2/29/1988      Benjamin L. Cardin

                        U. S. Representative from Maryland's 3rd District

                        “U.S. Trade Policy”


3/7/1988         Admiral Carlisle A.H. Trost

                        Chief of Naval Operations

                        “The Navy and National Security”


3/23/1988       Roberto Martinex-Ordonez

                        Ambassador of Honduras to the United States

                        “The Foreign Economic Affairs of Honduras”


3/31/1988       Han Xu

                        Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the United States

                        “China’s Foreign and Domestic Affairs”


4/26/1988       Helmut Schaefer

                        Minister of State, Federal Republic of Germany

                        “German-American Relations”


5/10/1988       W. Allen Wallis

                        Under Secretary for Economic Affairs, U.S. Department of State

                        “U.S. Trade Policy”


5/19/1988       Cesar G. Atala

                        Ambassador of Peru to the United States

                        “The Foreign Policy of Peru”


5/24/1988       Alan Woods

                        Administrator, Agency for International Development

                        “Foreign Economic Assistance: An Investment in Global Growth”


6/8/1988         General John T. Chain, Jr.

                        Commander in Chief, Strategic Air Command

                        “Strategic Preparedness”


9/1/1988         Frank Carlucci, III

                        Secretary of Defense

                        “Procurement Reform and Defense Issues”


9/27/1988       Andrew J. Jacovides

                        Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus to the United States

                        “The Foreign Policy of Cyprus”


10/6/1988       Jamsheed K.A. Marker

                        Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States

                        “The Foreign Policy of Pakistan”

                        World Trade Center


10/10/1988     Ruben  Zamora

                        Opposition Leader, El Salvador

                        “The Future of El Salvador”


10/13/1988     Charles McC.  Mathias

                        Senator from Maryland, 1969-1987

                        “Reflections on American Foreign Policy and the Senate”


10/25/1988     Tong-Jin Park

                        Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the United States

                        “Political Challenges and Economic Policies of Korea”


11/2/1988       El Sayed Abdel Raouf El Reedy

                        Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the United States

                        “The Foreign Policy of Egypt and Peace in the Middle East”


11/21/1988     Moshe Aran

                        Ambassador of Israel to the United States

                        “The West Bank, Gaza, and the Peace Process”


11/29/1988     Steny H. Hoyer

                        U.S. Representative from Maryland’s 5th District

                        “Human Rights in the Era of Glasnost”


12/14/1988     Eugene J. McAllister

                        Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs

                        “The European Community Single Market (EC ’92)”


1/18/1989       The 9th Annual Baltimore Sun Foreign Policy Panel

                        Joseph R.L. Sterne, Charles Corddry, Stephens Broening

                        “The Bush Era Begins”


2/1/1989         Sultan Najeb Lufti

                        Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Jordan

                        “Jordan’s View of Prospects for Peace in the Middle East”


3/1/1989         Max Singer

                        Co-Founder, Hudson Institute; Head, The Potomac Organization

                        “Passage to a Human World: The Dynamics of Creating Global Wealth”


3/21/1989       Brian J.P. Fall

                        Deputy Chief of Mission, British Embassy

                        “East-West Relations and New Thinking”


4/5/1989         Enrique V. Iglesias

                        President, Inter-American Development Bank

                        “Latin American Development in the 1990s”


4/24/1989       Christopher Van Hollen

                        Vice President, The Middle East Institute

                        “The U.S. and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: What Role for the Bush Administration?”


5/2/1989         Kurt Schmoke

                        Mayor, City of Baltimore

                        “Baltimore as an International City”


5/8/1989         Mushobekwa Kalimba Wa Katana

                        Ambassador of the Republic of Zaire to the United States


5/31/1989       Emmanuel de Margerie

                        Ambassador of France to the United States

                        “1789-1989: France and the U.S. in this Year of the Bicentennial of the French Revolution”


6/9/1989         Akira Kojima

                        Editorial Writer, Japan Economic Journal

                        “Restructuring of Japanese Economy and Its Global Implications”


6/12/1989       Paul Sarbanes

                        Senator from Maryland;

                       Chairman, International Business and Economic Subcommittee, Foreign Relation Committee

                        “Perspectives on the Global Economy”


7/17/1989       Chan Heng Chee

                        Permanent Representative of Singapore to the United Nations

                        “The Cambodian Peace Process: A Perspective from ASEAN”


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