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9/20/1989       Sir Anthony Ackland

                        Ambassador of  Great Britain to the United States

                        “The Foreign Policy of Great Britain”

10/24/1989      Jan Kinast

                        Ambassador of the Polish People’s Republic to the United States

                        “Recent Developments in Poland”

11/2/1989        Karan Singh

                        Ambassador of India to the United States

                        “Jawaharlal Nehru: A Centenary Tribute”

11/14/1989      Charles William Maynes

                        Editor-in-Chief, Foreign Policy

                        “Foreign Policy Changes in the 1990s”

11/24/1989      Victor  Mosquera

                        Ambassador of Columbia to the United States

                        “The Colombian Campaign Against Drug Trafficking”

11/29/1989      Kerry McGlynn

                        Director, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office

                        “Hong Kong’s Prospects after June 4th”

12/29/1989      General John Chain

                        Commander-in-Chief, Strategic Air Command

                        “SAC – Today and Tomorrow”

1/17/1990        James   Baker

                         Director, Office of Director- General for Development and International                                          Cooperation, United Nations

                        “International Development: Interest of U.S. and the Role of U.N.”

1/24/1990        The 10th Annual Baltimore Sun Foreign Policy Panel

                        Joseph R.L. Sterne, Charles Corddry, Stephens Broening

                        “Turning Point in History, 1989-1990”

1/29/1990        Barbara Mikulski, Senator from Maryland; and

                         Beverly Byron, U.S. Representative from Maryland’s 6th District

                        “Firsthand Look at Changing Conditions in Eastern Europe”

 2/6/1990         Juergen Ruhfus

                        Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United States

                        “East-West Relations: A German View”

2/20/1990        William Webster

                        Director, Central Intelligence Agency

                        “Intelligence Issues in a Changing World”

3/5/1990          Edward Teller

                         Director Emeritus and Lawrence Livermore, Sr. Researcher, Hoover Institute

                        “The End of the Cold War”

3/5/1990          Derek  Burney

                        Ambassador of Canada to the United States

                        “Canadian Foreign Policy Interests in a Changing World"                                                              


4/3/1990          Mitsuya Goto, Managing Director, Japan Center for International  Exchange,

                        Sachiko Taguchi, International Secretary, Japan Democratic Socialist Party,

                        Yoshihide Sowya, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Keio University

                        “Japan’s International Role in a Changing World”

4/25/1990        Herman Cohen

                        Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs

                        “South Africa in Transition: The U.S. Role”

5/21/1990        Emmanuel Pelaez

                        Ambassador of the Philippines to the United States

                        “Philippine Update”

6/7/1990          Benjamin L. Cardin

                        U.S. Representative from Maryland’s 3rd District

                        “U.S. Trade Policy”

7/9/1990          Gustavo Petricioli

                        Ambassador of Mexico to the United States

                        “The Foreign Policy of Mexico”

9/12/1990        Tunne  Kelam

                        Chairman, The Council of Estonia

                        “The Future of Estonia”

10/2/1990        Henry  Nau

                        Associate Dean and Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, The                                                   Elliott School, Georgetown University

                       “The Myth of America’s Decline: Leading the World into the 90’s”

10/23/1990      Mohamed Sadiq Al-Mashat

                        Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the United States

                        “Iraq’s View of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf”

10/31/1990      Anatoly Gromyko

                        Director, Institute for African Studies, Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R.

                        “Africa, Soviet Union and the United States”

11/7/1990        Guido Josè Maria Di Tella

                        Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to the United States

                        “Argentina’s Turn-Around: Political and Economic Transformations and  Relations                                             with the U.S.”

11/20/1990      John Duke Anthony

                        President, The National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations

                        “America and the Gulf Crisis: Whys Should One Care?”

12/12/1990      Steven L. Speigel

                        Professor of Political Science, UCLA

                        “Is Peace Possible in the Middle East?”

12/17/1990      Mohammed Al-Sabah

                        Chairman, The Economics Higher Planning Council of Kuwait

                        “The Persian Gulf Crisis”

1/10/1991        The 11th Annual Baltimore Sun Foreign Policy Panel

                        Joseph R.L. Sterne, Charles Corddry, Richard O’Mara

                        “Foreign Policy After the Cold War”

2/4/1991          William B. Quandt

                        Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution

                        “After the Gulf Crisis”

2/18/1991        Andreas Antonius Maria van Agt

                        Head of the Delegation of the Commission of the European Communities

                        “The Reshaping of the New Europe”

3/4/1991          S. Neil MacFarlane

                         Director, Center for Russian and East European Studies, University of Virginia

                         “The Crisis in the Soviet Union and its Foreign Policy Implications”

3/18/1991        Peter Zwack

                        Ambassador of Hungary to the United States

                        “Changes in Hungary”

4/18/1991        Steny H. Hoyer

                        U.S. Representative from Maryland’s 5th District

                        “CSCE: Its Implications in a New World Order”

4/22/1991        Lieutenant General Dave R.   Palmer

                        Superintendent, U.S. Military Academy

                        “National Leadership: The Role of West Point”

5/29/1991        Jehan Sadat

                        First Lady of Egypt; Senior Fellow, Center for International Development and                                                     Conflict Management, University of Maryland

                        “The Legacy of Anwar Sadat”

7/17/1991        Roberto MacLean

                        Ambassador of Peru to the United States

                        “The Main Points in U.S.-Peruvian Relations”

9/19/1991        J. Danforth Quayle

                        Vice President of the United States of America

                        “American Foreign Policy”

9/26/1991        Ronald W. Roskens

                        Administrator, U.S. Agency for International Development

                        “The Development Test in a New World Order”

11/6/1991        Harry Heinz Schwartz

                        Ambassador of South Africa to the United States

                        “Freedom Is Not Complete if it is Exercised in Poverty”

11/11/1991      Rubens Zamora

                         Vice President, National Assembly of El Salvador; Progressive Opposition Leader

                        “Peace at Last? A View from the Left”

11/20/1991      James W. Conrow

                        Executive Vice President, Inter-American Development Bank

                        “Latin America and the IDB: A Partnership for Change”

11/26/1991      Dzevad Mujezinovic

                        Ambassador of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to the United States

                        “Crisis in Yugoslavia”

12/11/1991      Major General Perry M. Smith, USAF (Ret.)

                        CNN Military Analyst; Former Director of Plans, USAF

                        “Lessons in the Gulf War and the Media Coverage”

1/15/1992        The 12th Annual Baltimore Sun Foreign Policy Panel

                        Joseph R.L. Sterne, Charles Corddry, Mark Matthews

                        “The World Scene – 1992”

1/20/1992        Zhu Qizhen

                        Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the United States

                        “United States – China Relations”

2/5/1992          Robert O. Freedman

                        Professor of Political Science; Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, Baltimore                                               Hebrew University

                        “The Middle East Peace Process: Progress and Prospects”

2/18/1992        Strobe  Talbott

                        Editor at Large, Time Magazine

                        “The New Russia and the New World”

2/27/1992        Carlos Ortiz de Rosas

                        Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to the United States

                        “Argentina Today”

3/18/1992        Rear Admiral Thomas C. Lynch

                        Superintendent, United States Naval Academy

                        “The Mission of the Naval Academy in a Changing World”

3/25/1992        S.R. Nathan

                        Ambassador of Singapore to the United States

                        “Singapore-United States Relations: The Quest for Stability and Prosperity”

4/1/1992          Michael James Cook

                        Ambassador of Australia to the United States

                        “The New World Order”

4/9/1992          Kenneth M. Quinn

                        Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs

                        “American Policy in Southeast Asia”

4/15/1992        Bushra Kanafani

                         Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic;  Spokeswoman of                            the Syrian Delegation to the Peace Talks

                         “The Path to Regional Order in the Middle East: The Syrian Perspective”

4/27/1992        Josè Gregorio  De Faria, Ambassador of Portugal to NATO;

                        Major General Wolfgang Schade, German Military Representative to NATO

                        “NATO in the New World Order: The European perspective”

5/6/1992           Lieutenant General William E. Odom

                         Director, National Security Studies, The Hudson Institute; Adjunct Professor, Yale                                              University

                          “American and the World: Guns vs. Butter”

5/13/1992        Chase Untermeyer

                        Associate Director for Broadcasting, U.S.I.A.

                        “International Broadcasting in a Post-Cold War World”

5/26/1992        Patricio Silva

                        Ambassador of Chile to the United States

                        “President Bush’s Enterprise for the Americas Initiative”

6/3/1992          H. Lawrence Garrett, III

                        Secretary of the Navy

                        “The Role of Sea power in Post-Cold War National Security”

6/8/1992          Boris Biancheri

                        Ambassador of Italy to the United States

                        “The Role of Italy in the European Unification Process”

6/17/1992        Jeffrey Davidow

                        Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs

                        “Challenges and Opportunity in Southern Africa”

7/13/1992        Jeffrey E. Garten

                        Managing Director, The Blackstone Group

                        “A Cold Peace: America, Japan, Germany and the Struggle for Supremacy”

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