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9/17/1992        Hasan Abu Nimah

                         Member, Jordanian Delegation to the Middle East Peace Talks; Ambassador of                              Jordan to Italy; Former Representative to the European Community

                        “Jordanian Participation in the Middle East Peace Process”

9/24/1992        Habib Ben Yahia

                        Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia

                        “Tunisian Perspective on the Post Cold-War Order: Democratization, Middle East                           Peace, and the Free Market”

10/13/1992      Lawrence A. Pezzullo

                         Executive Director, Catholic Relief Services;

                         Former U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua

                        “Challenge in the New World Order: Conflict in Humanitarian Aid”

10/22/1992      Oleh H. Bilorus

                        Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States

                        “Ukraine: Struggle for Democracy and Proper World Role”

11/9/1992        Jukka Robert Valtasaari

                        Ambassador of Finland to the United States

                        “The Foreign Policy of Finland After the Collapse of the Soviet Union”

11/23/1992      Leonard H. Robinson, Jr.

                        Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs

                        “Promises and Challenges of Democracy Toward Africa”

11/30/1992      Robert G. Kaiser

                        Managing Editor, The Washington Post

                        “Prospects for the New Russia”

12/10/1992      Jacques Andreani

                        Ambassador of France to the United States

                        “France and the United States, and the Prospects of European Unification”

1/6/1993          The 13th Annual Baltimore Sun Foreign Policy Panel

                        Joseph R.L. Sterne, Charles Corddry, Mark Matthews

                        “Foreign Policy: From Bush to Clinton”

1/11/1993        Barbara Franklin

                        Secretary of Commerce

                        “New Market Opportunities in the Changed World”

1/18/1993        Siddharta Shankar Ray

                        Ambassador of India to the United States

                        “India Today”

2/9/1993          Amos Perlmutter

                        Professor of Political Science and Sociology, The American University

                        “Israel, the Middle East, and the Clinton Presidency”

2/25/1993        Vladmir Petrovich Lukin

                        Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United States

                        “The Future of Russian-American Relations”

3/9/1993          Fabio Castillo

                        Rector, The University of El Salvador

                        “The Role of the Central American University in the Democratization of the Area”

3/24/1993        Alfred Sommer

                         Dean of the School of Hygiene and Public Health, The Johns Hopkins University

                        “World Health Issues and American Foreign Policy”

4/8/1993          Fayez A. Tarawneh

                        Ambassador of Jordan to the United States

                        “Middle East Peace: A Year in Review and Prospects Under the Clinton                                               Administration”

4/15/1993        Alexander Borg Olivier

                          Principal Officer, Department of Humanitarian Affairs, United Nations

                          “The Ex-Yugoslavia, the Emerging World Order and the ‘New’ United Nations”

5/6/1993          William Donald Schaefer

                          Governor of the State of Maryland

                          “The International Economic Policy of Maryland”

5/19/1993        Ahmed Sakr

                         President, Foundation for Islamic Knowledge

                         “Islamic Fundamentalism”

5/27/1993        Paul Goble

                         Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

                         “Crisis in Russia”

6/16/1993        Charles McMillion

                         President, MBG Information Services

                         “Maryland in the New Global Economy: Private Opportunities and Public                                            Challenges”

9/14/1993        Stasys  Lozoraitis

                        Ambassador of Lithuania to the United States

                        “Lithuania’s Pursuit of Happiness in the Post-Soviet Era”

9/23/1993        Peter A. Berle

                         President, National Audubon Society

                         “United States Policy of the Global Environment: An Environmental Activist’s                                      Perspective”

10/6/1993        Konah K. Blakett

                        Charge D’Affairs of the Republic of Liberia

                        “Crisis in Liberia”

10/20/1993      General Robert C. Oaks

                        Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Air Forces Central Europe

                        “U.S. Military Roles in Europe Today”

11/4/1993        Immo Stabreit

                         Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United States

                         “Germany’s Role in Europe and the Trans-Atlantic Partnership”

11/23/1993      Samuel Lewis

                        Director, Policy Planning Staff, U.S. Department of State

                        “Foreign Policy in a Disorderly World”

11/29./1993     Li Dayou

                        Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the United States

                        “China: Domestic Agenda and Foreign Policy”

12/14/1993      Itamar  Rabinovich

                         Ambassador of Israel to the United States

                         “The Arab-Israeli Peace Process: A Current Assessment”

1/12/1994        The 14th Annual Baltimore Sun Foreign Policy Panel

                          Joseph R.L. Sterne, Charles Corddry, Mark Matthews

                          “National Security Under Clinton”

2/7/1994          Adriaan Pieter Roetert Jacobits de Szeged

                        Ambassador of the Netherlands to the United States

                        “After the NATO Summit: The Road Ahead”

2/22/1994        Ahmed Maher El Sayed

                         Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the United States

                         “The End to the Myths in the Middle East”

3/3/1994          John Lewis Gaddis

                        Director, Contemporary History Institute, Ohio University

                        “The Post Cold War World”

3/30/1994        Korean Caravan

                        Messrs. Chung Gi Kim, Sueng-Soo Han, Donald P. Gregg, James Zumwalt,

                        W. Robert Warne, Robert G. Rich, Jr.

                        “The Future of U.S.-Korea Relations Under the New Administration”

4/7/1994          Contemporary Issues of American Foreign Policy, with a Panel of Journalists from                               The Baltimore Sun

                          Clara Germani, Daniel Berger, Richard O’Mara

                         “Haiti and American Foreign Policy Issues”

4/11/1994        Benjamin L. Cardin

                         U.S. Representative from Maryland’s 3rd District; Commissioner, The Commission                          on Security and Cooperation in Europe

                         “U.S. Role in a Changing World”

                         World Trade Center


4/27/1994        Timothy E. Wirth

                        Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs

                        “The Post Cold War Foreign Policy Agenda”

                        World Trade Center


5/5/1994          Yegor  Gaidar

                          Former Prime Minister of Russia; Head, The “Russia’s Choice” Party

                          “The Russian Economy in Transition”

5/9/1994          Richard A. Falk

                         Albert G. Milbank Professor of International Law and Practice, Princeton                                             University

                         “Does Clinton Have a Foreign Policy?”

5/25/1994        Eugene K. Lawson

                         President, U.S.-Russia Business Council

                         “The Evolving Business Climate in Russia”

6/8/1994          Norman R. Augustine

                         Chairman & CEO, Martin Marietta Corporation

                         “The World That Came in From the Cold: Implications for the Post Cold War                                       Economies of the United States and the Former Soviet Union”


9/29/1994        Abdul Aziz Said

                          Professor of International Relations; Director, Peace and Conflict Resolution                                       Studies, The American University

                         “What Peace Will Look Like”

10/1/1994       Lawrence A. Pezzullo

                         Special Advisor to President Clinton on Haiti

                         “Clinton’s Haiti Policy: A Study in Maladroitness”

10/11/1994      Kenneth F. Hackett

                          Executive Director, Catholic Relief Services


10/20/1994      Dimitri K. Simes

                          President, The Center for Peace and Freedom; Senior Associate, Carnegie                                             Endowment for International Peace

                         “The Russian Transformation: Implications for the United States”


11/1/1994        Japan Caravan

                         William Farrell, Toshihiro Kiribuchi, Koichi Nishioka

                         “Restructuring Japanese Corporations in a Changing Environment”

11/22/1994      Abdulrahim Abby Farah

                          Former United Nations Under Secretary General for Special Political Questions                                   with Responsibilities for Africa

                          “International Interventions in Troubled States: The Somali Experience”

12/7/1994        “Town Meeting” Co-sponsored with U.S. State Department, Session I

                          Ambassador James Dobbins           

                         "Haiti" “Town Meeting” Co-sponsored with U.S. State Department, Session II


                          Ambassador Darryl Johnson

                          “Russia and the New Independent States”

                          “Town Meeting” Co-sponsored with U.S. State Department, Session III

                          Ambassador Winston Lord

                         “U.S. Policy in East Asia”


1/11/1995        The 15th Annual Baltimore Sun Foreign Policy Panel

                         Joseph R.L. Sterne, Charles Corddry, Mark Matthews

                         “Cold Peace: 1995”


2/22/1995        Paul A. Goble

                         Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

                         “Russia After Chechnya: Can Reform Survive?”


3/2/1995          Wayne R. Smith

                         Senior Fellow, Center for International Policy

                         “Whither U.S.-Cuban Relations”


3/8/1995         Paulo Tarso Flecha de Lima

                        Ambassador of Brazil to the United States

                        “Brazil: An Outlook”


3/14/1995       William J. Perry

                        Secretary of Defense

                        “Priorities for National Security Policy”


3/28/1995        Andreas van Agt

                         European Union Ambassador to the United States

                         “Europe: A Powerhouse Under Construction?”


4/5/1995          John Anderson

                         President, World Federalist Association; Member of Congress, 1960-1980;                                            Independent Candidate for President, 1980

                         “The United Nations at the Crossroads”


4/26/1995        Federico Salas

                        Minister for Political and Congressional Affairs

                        “The Future of U.S.-Mexican Relations”

                        Hyatt Regency Hotel


5/11/1995        Takakazu Kuryiama

                         Ambassador of Japan to the United States

                         “Reflections on the 50th Anniversary of World War II: A Japanese Perspective”


5/24/1995        Robert B. Oakley

                         U.S. Ambassador to Somalia, 1982-1984; Special Envoy to Somalia, 12/92-13/93;                              10/93-3/94

                         “Protecting U.S. Interests in a New, Disorderly World”

6/13/1995        Warren Zimmermann

                        U.S. Ambassador to Yugoslavia, 1989-1992

                        “Bosnia and the New Nationalism”

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