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9/14/1995        Jeffrey J. Smith

                        General Counsel of the Central Intelligence Agency

                        “The C.I.A.: Challenges of the New Decade”


10/5/1995        Schlomo Gur

                        Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Israel

                        “The Middle East From Confrontation to Co-operation”


10/17/1995      Andre  Killian

                         Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of South Africa; Ambassador of the Republic of                              South Africa to Canada, 1992-1994

                         “The Future of South Africa”


10/21/1995      Rodrigo Pardo

                         Minister of Foreign Relations, Colombia

                         “United States-Colombian Relations”


11/12/1995      Jayantha Dhanapala

                         Chairman, 1995 Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

                         “Extending the Non-Proliferation Treaty – A Case History of a Multilateral                                          Disarmament Conference”


12/14/1995      Alexander F. Watson

                        Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs

                        “The Americas in the 21st Century: Defining U.S. Interests”


1/17/1996        Dennis B. Ross

                         Special Middle East Coordinator, U.S. Department of State

                         “The Middle East Peace Process”


1/22/1996       Peter Tarnoff

                        Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs

                        “U.S. Foreign Policy: Critical Times, Critical Choices”


2/5/1996          The 16th Annual Baltimore Sun Foreign Policy Panel

                        Joseph R.L. Sterne, Mark Matthews, Gilbert Lewthwaite

                        “Foreign Policy: 1996”


2/28/1996        Robert O. Freedman

                        Acting President, The Baltimore Hebrew University

                        “Israel and the Middle East Peace Process: An Assessment”


3/12/1996        John McCarthy

                        Ambassador of Australia to the United States

                        “Australia, the United States and Asia”

4/2/1996          David  Binder

                        Washington Bureau, The New York Times

                        “Bosnia: How Did We Get There and Where It Is Going”

4/16/1996        Carlos  Lleras de la Fuente

                        Ambassador of Colombia to the United States

                        “The Colombia Paradox”

4/30/1996        Alfonsas Eidintas

                        Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania to the United States

                        “Lithuania’s Return to the Western Community”

5/16/1996        Ariel Cohen

                        Senior Analyst, Russian and Eurasian Studies, The Heritage Foundation

                        “U.S.-Russian Relations on the Eve of the Russian Presidential Elections”

5/23/1996        Fernando Remirez de Estenoz

                         First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cuba; Head of the Cuban Interests                                        Section, Embassy of Switzerland

                         “Cuba 1996”

6/5/1996          James B. Reardon-Anderson

                          Professor, School of Foreign Service; Director, Asian Studies, Georgetown University

                          “The United States and China: The Road Ahead”

6/12/1996        Raymond A.J. Chretien

                         Ambassador of Canada to the United States

                         “Canada’s Global Foreign Policy Objectives: Regional Stability Issues   and the                                     Canada-U.S.Partnership"        

6/13/1996        Kwon Woo Park

                         Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the United States

                         “The Republic of Korea: Meeting the Challenges of Change”

9/16/1996        Dermot A. Gallagher

                         Ambassador of Ireland to the United States

                         “Current Developments in Ireland: The Peace Process and Other Issues”


9/24/1996        Warren Zimmermann

                          Professor of International Diplomacy, Columbia University; U.S. Ambassador to                                 Yugoslavia, 1989-1992

                        “ The Yugoslav Disaster: Dangers and Prospects”


10/16/1996      Earl A. Powell, III

                         Director, National Gallery of Art

                         “Nation to Nation: The National Gallery of Art”


11/12/1996      Maleeha Lodhi

                        Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the United States

                        “U.S.-Pakistan Relations”


11/20/1996      John Wood

                        Ambassador of New Zealand to the United States

                        “New Zealand: Yesterday and Today”


12/9/1996        Jack F. Matlock, Jr.

                         U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union, 1987-1991; George F. Kennan Professor,                                    Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University

                        “Dealing with Russia”


1/9/1997          The 17th Annual Baltimore Sun Foreign Policy Panel

                          Joseph R.L. Sterne, Gilbert Lewthwaite, Mark Matthews

                         “Foreign Policy Under the New Clinton Team”


1/16/1997        Reverend J. Bryan Hehir, Th.D.

                          Professor of the Practice in Religion and Society, Harvard Divinity School;                                           Counselor, Catholic Relief Services

                         “American Foreign Policy in the 90s: The Setting and Strategic Choices”

1/23/1997        Miomir Zuzul

                         Ambassador of Croatia to the United States

                         “A Croatian View of Balkan Stability”


3/5/1997          Robert S. Gelbard

                         Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement                                      Affairs

                        “Narcotics and International Crime as National Security Threats”


3/18/1997        Pedro Luis Echeverria

                        Ambassador of Venezuela to the United States

                        “Venezuela’s New Economic Measures”


4/9/1997          Mdumiso Ndima Ntshinga

                        Senior Political Counselor, Embassy of South Africa to the United States

                        “The Future of South Africa”


4/17/1997        Carl Liljegren

                        Ambassador of Sweden to the United States

                        “A Swedish Perspective”


5/7/1997          Michael Stuermer

                          Friederich-Alexander University, Erlangen-Nurnberg; Director, Research                                             Institute for International Affairs, Ebenhausen, Germany

                          “The United States and the German National Interest”


5/12/1997        Jeffrey E. Garten

                         Dean, Yale School of Management; Former U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for                              International Trade

                         “Big Emerging Markets and America’s Future”


5/28/1997        Yuri M. Vorontsov

                         Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United States

                         “The Future of Russian-American Bilateral Relations”


9/16/1997        I. William Zartman

                         Jacob Blaustein Professor of International Organization and Conflict Resolution;                                Director of African Studies, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced                                            International Studies

                         “African Conflict and American Response”

10/28/1997      Morton H. Halperin

                          Senior Vice President, The Twentieth Century Fund; Relations; Former Special                                    Assistant to the President

                         “Stolen Elections as International Crime”

11/13/1997      Naresh Chandra

                        Ambassador of India to the United States

                        “Indo-U.S. Relations”


12/4/1997        Dato Dali Mahmud Hashim

                        Ambassador of Malaysia to the United States

                        “United States-Malaysia Relations”


12/9/1997        William Pfaff

                        The International Herald Tribune

                        “America’s Role in the New World”


12/17/1997      Elihau  Ben-Elissar

                        Ambassador of Israel to the United States

                        “The Israeli View of The Peace Process”


1/14/1998        The 18th Annual Baltimore Sun Foreign Policy Panel

                          Dan Berger, Mark Matthews, Thomas Bowman, G. Jefferson Price, III, Frank                                       Langfitt, Kathy Lally

                          “Challenges to U.S. Foreign Policy until Century’s End”


1/26/1998        Peter Romero

                        Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs

                        “U.S. Agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean for 1998”


2/4/1998          James R. Lilley

                        U.S. Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, 1989-1991

                        “China and the United States in the 21st Century: Cooperation and Competition,                                  or Confrontation?”


2/17/1998        Kunihiko Saito

                        Ambassador of Japan to the United States

                        “A Changing Japan in a Changing World”


2/26/1998        Walid  Al-Moualem

                        Ambassador of the Arab Syrian Republic to the United States

                        “Syria and the Peace Process”


3/2/1998          Nikolai Tchoulkov

                         Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations

                        “Russia and the United Nations”


3/17/1998        Matthew P. Daley

                         Deputy Special Representative of the President and the Secretary of State for                                      Implementation of the Dayton Peace Accords

                         “Bosnia: The Shape of Things To Come”


4/14/1998        Joris M. Vos

                        Ambassador of the Netherlands to the United States

                        “Europe and the United States: A View from behind the Dykes”


5/5/1998          Steve H. Hanke

                        Professor of Applied Economics, The Johns Hopkins University

                        “IMF Policy Fiascoes in Indonesia”


6/8/1998          Benjamin L. Cardin

                        U.S. Representative, 3rd District of Maryland

                        “U.S. Role in the New World Order: Superpower or Supercop?"                                      


6/10/1998        Tedo Japaridze

                         Ambassador of Georgia to the United States

                         “Georgia, the South Caucasus, and Beyond”

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