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9/17/1998        Stephen Philip Cohen

                         Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution; Professor Emeritus of History and                                         Political Science, University of Illinois

                        “Did the South Asian Tests Make Any Difference”


10/13/1998      Bard E. O'Neill

                        Professor of International Affairs, The National War College

                        “National Security and Middle East Terrorism”


10/28/1998      Dorodjatun Kuntjoro Jakti

                        Ambassador of Indonesia to the United States

                        “The Future of Indonesia’s Economy”


11/10/1998      John Duke Anthony

                         President, National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations

                         “The Changing Nature of U.S. Interests in the Persian Gulf: Implications for                                         American Policies”


11/23/1998      Schlomo Lahat, Former Mayor of Tel Aviv; and

                          Najat Arafat Khelil, National Vice President, Palestinian American Congress

                          “The May 4, 1999 Deadline Looms. Is Permanent Peace Possible?

                          An Israeli and a PalestinianView”


12/17/1998      Barry R. McCaffrey

                         Director, Office of National Drug Control Policy

                         “The National Drug Control Policy: Reducing Drug Abuse and Its Consequences in                            America”


1/19/1999        The 19th Annual Baltimore Sun Foreign Policy Panel

                          G. Jefferson Price, III, Dan Berger, Thomas Bowman, Will Englund, Bill Glauber,                                 Ann LoLordo, Mark Matthews

                          “The United States and The World in 1999”


2/23/1999        Thomas Matussek

                         Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of The Federal Republic of Germany to the                                      United States

                         “German Priorities During the E.U. Presidency”


3/30/1999       Clovis  Maksoud

                        Professor of International Relations, American University; Former League of Arab                             States’ Chief Representative to the U.S. and the U.N.

                        “Global Challenges and Arab Responses”


4/8/1999          Lawrence J. Korb

                        Director of Studies, Council on Foreign Relations

                        “National Defense in the 21st Century”


4/22/1999        Shaul Bakhash

                        Clarence Robinson Professor of History, George Washington University

                        “The Future of Iran-U.S. Relations”


5/6/1999          “Town Meeting” co-sponsored with the U.S. Department of State, Session I

                        Alan Larson

                        “U.S. Economic Policy”


5/6/1999          Alan Larson

                        Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of Economic and International Affairs

                        “U.S. Economic Policy”


                        “Town Meeting”co-sponsored with the U.S. Department of State, Session II

                        Robert Beecroft

                         Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Regional Security

                        “National Security Policy”


                        “Town Meeting” co-sponsored with the U.S. Department of State, Session III

                        Morton H. Halperin

                        Director, Office of the Policy Planning Staff

                        “The 50th Anniversary of NATO, and Kosovo”


5/11/1999        Robert M. Hayden

                         Director, Center for Russian and East European Studies, University of Pittsburgh

                        “The Clinton Policy on Kosovo”


5/20/1999        Richard N. Haas

                        Director, Foreign Policy Studies Program, The Brookings Institution

                        “The Foreign Policy Legacy of the Clinton Administration”


6/3/1999          Ted Galen Carpenter

                        Vice President, Defense and Foreign Policy Studies, The Cato Institute

                        “Washington’s Erratic China Policy”


6/8/1999          Jonathan Clarke

                        President, American Journalism Foundation; Fellow, The Cato Institute

                        “Kosovo: Searching for an Honorable Exit”


9/23/1999        Adeed Dawisha

                        Professor of Government and Politics, George Mason University

                        “The Survival of Saddam Hussein and America’s War on Iraq”


10/6/1999        Shibley Telhami

                         Anwar Sadat Chair for Peace and Development, University of Maryland College                                Park

                         “The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Why the End Is Near”


10/21/1999      John R. Bolton

                         Senior Vice President, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research;                                Former Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs

                        “American Sovereignty and International Law”

                        World Trade Center


11/8/1999        Lee Hong-Koo

                         Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the United States

                         “Korea in the Crisis of Transformation”


11/18/1999      Sir John Margetson

                          Former British Ambassador to Vietnam, the United Nations, and the Netherlands

                         “A British View of American Foreign Policy”


11/30/1999      Parris N. Glendening

                        Governor of the State of Maryland

                        “Maryland’s Strategy in the International Economy”


12/13/1999      Scott Ritter

                        Former U.N. Weapons Inspector to Iraq

                        “Endgame: Future Approaches to the Iraqi Crisis”


1/20/2000        General Wesley K. Clark

                         Supreme Allied Commander, Europe

                         “NATO and the Future of Trans-Atlantic Alliance”


2/16/2000        The 20th Annual Baltimore Sun Foreign Policy Panel

                         G. Jefferson Price, III, Bill Glauber, Jay Hancock, Frank Langfitt, Mark Matthews,                               and Ms. Kathy Lally

                        “The World in 2000”


3/22/2000        Amos Perlmutter

                         Professor of Political Science and Sociology, The American University

                         “President Clinton’s Foreign Policy: The Harvest of Two Administrations”


4/11/2000        Marc Grossman

                        Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs

                        “Remarks on the U.S.-European Partnership”


5/2/2000          Yoram Hazony

                        President of the Shalem Center, Jerusalem and Washington, D.C.

                        “Israel’s Post Zionism in the New Middle East”


5/18/2000        L. Craig Johnstone

                         Senior Vice President, International, Economic and National Security Affairs, U.S.                            Chamber of Commerce

                        “American Economic Interests in the Global Economy”


5/23/2000        Charlene Barshefsky

                        United States Trade Representative

                        “America’s Case for China’s WTO Accession and PNTR”


5/23/2000        Jerry MacArthur Hultin

                         Under Secretary of the Navy

                         “The Modern Navy and Globalization”


5/31/2000        Josè Vallarino, Jr.

                         Chairman of the Board and CEO, The Panama Coca Cola Bottling, Co.; President                                of Commissions on the Future of the Panama Canal; Advisor to the President of                                  Panama on the Canal

                        “Panama and the Canal, The Years Ahead”


6/6/2000          Harry   Harding

                        Dean, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University

                        “U.S.-China Relations”


6/12/2000        Ivo H.  Daalder

                        Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution

                        “Myths and Realities of the Kosovo War”


10/3/2000        Dan Berger, Editorial Page Writer, The Baltimore Sun;

                         Steven David, Professor of Political Science; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs,                              School of Arts and Science, Johns Hopkins University;

                         Joseph R.L.Sterne, Senior Fellow, Institute for Policy Studies, Johns          

                         Hopkins University; Editorial Page Editor, The Baltimore Sun, 1972-1997

                        “Guiding Principles and Concepts in the Bush and Gore Foreign Policy”


10/11/2000      Marc Ginsberg

                         Managing Director and CEO, Northstar Equity Group; U.S. Ambassador to                                          Morocco, 1993-1998

                        “Guiding Principles and Concepts in the Gore Foreign Policy”

10/23/2000      William E. Brock

                          Chairman, Intellectual Development Systems, Inc.; Former Chairman, The                                           Republican National Committee

                          “Guiding Principles and Concepts in the Bush Foreign Policy”


11/14/2000      Juergen Chrobog

                        Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United States

                        “Germany, Europe and the United States in an Era of Global Challenges”


12/4/2000        Jonathan Lawley

                         Director, The Royal African Society

                         “Personal Reflections on 52 Years :Living and Working in Southern Africa and                                     Some Thoughts on the Need to Reassess Aid Programs for Africa”


1/23/2001        David Elekana Ivry

                        Ambassador of Israel to the United States

                        “The Current Situation in the Middle East”


1/31/2001        Peter F. Romero

                         Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs

                         “Continuing Challenges to Democracy and Development in the Western                                               Hemisphere”


2/8/2001          William B. Wood

                         Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs

                         “Multilateral Sanctions and U.S. Foreign Policy”


2/21/2001        Ernest W. Lefever

                         Founding President, Ethics and Public Policy Center

                         “Nuclear Arms: Instruments of Peace?”


3/5/2001          Edward E. Masters

                         Vice Chairman, The United States-Indonesia Society;

                         Former U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia

                         “Indonesia: Asia’s New Promise or Continuing Problem?”


3/26/2001        Hasan Abdel Rahman

                          Chief Representative of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the                                               Palestinian National Authority in the United States

                          "The P.L.O. View of the Situation in the Middle East”


4/12/2001        Michael E. O'Hanlon

                         Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution

                         “The National Security Policy of the Bush Administration”


4/12/2001        Maleeha Lodhi

                        Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States

                        “Security in South Asia"        


5/8/2001          Daniel L. Byman

                        Policy Analyst and Director for Research, The RAND Corporation

                        “The Problem of Iraq: Challenges for a New Administration”


5/17/2001        The 21st Annual Baltimore Sun Foreign Policy Panel

                          G. Jefferson Price, III, Frank Langiftt, Mark Matthews, Will Englund, Joseph                                     Murphy, Bill Glauber, and Jay Hancock

                        “America and the World”


5/22/2001        Thomas C. Hubbard

                        Acting Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs

                        “United States Asian Policy”


6/11/2001        David M. Lampton

                          Professor, The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies;                            Director of China Studies at SAIS and at the Nixon Center

                         “Looking at U.S.-China Relations in the Early Bush Administration”


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