We offer 16 programs on average each year, focusing on the most critical foreign policy matters before the nation. We ask our speakers to analyze the tensions among the major powers, to explain the national interests at stake in foreign disputes and to put a spotlight on humanitarian crises that often are overlooked. Past speakers have included: Vice Presidents; Secretaries of State and Defense; Directors of the National Security Agency; Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Congressmen; Journalists; Scholars; Senior Military Officers; and Ambassadors from more than 60 nations.

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The post-Cold War era came to an abrupt end when Russia’s invaded Ukraine in February 2022. The United States’ growing rivalry with China meanwhile presents challenges in every area of foreign affairs. We are thus living in a suddenly more complex, dangerous era. Threats to democracy and fundamental human rights have expanded to include cyber warfare, space weaponry and digital authoritarianism, including the manipulation of social media. At the same time, political polarization at home raises questions about American leadership in global affairs. Flawed past decisions that led to long troop deployments abroad without achieving basic goals have weakened the national resolve to tackle new challenges as they arise. The questions that the Council seeks to explore are, can the United States learn from its mistakes – as well as from its past successes? Will it continue playing the lead role in supporting a rules-based world order, or will it abandon that role to malign actors whose main goal is to displace American leadership? In this critical moment, the Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs contributes to these debates by providing a public forum for distinguished experts in foreign affairs.

October 3, 2023

Marek Magierowski

“Poland’s Vision for European Security”
December 5, 2023

Robert Zoellick


The Distinguished Speakers Program

Our Distinguished Speakers Program features presentations by distinguished authorities on foreign affairs throughout the year.

We examine issues and events occurring in all parts of the globe, and the impact of American foreign and security policy.

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