Jennica Larrison, Ph.D.

Humanitarian Negligence: Turning A Blind Eye to The Forced Migration Catastrophe

Associate Professor and Executive Director

School of Public and International Affairs

University of Baltimore

DATE: Wednesday, May 17, 2023
TIME: 5:15 PM
LOCATION: World Trade Center Baltimore

Professor Jennica Larrison, PhD
Executive Director at the school of Public and International Affairs at the University of

World Bank Report:
Migration and Poverty: Toward Better Opportunities for the Poor
Edited by Edmundo Murrugarra, Jennica Larrison, and Marcin Sasin
World Bank Document

Comprehensive List of Jennica Larrison Publications
Migration related publications:
– “Governance of Migration”
– “Building the Right Skills for Human Capital: Educations, Skills, and Productivity
in the Kyrgyz Republic”
– “Integrating Immigrants into Local Communities”
– “Exploring the responsibilities of Street-Level Bureaucrats through the
Perspectives of Unaccompanied Migrant Youth and Their Sponsors.”
– “Refugee Migration as a “Wicked Problem”: American Controlling, Palliative,
and Governance Policies in Global Context”
– Understanding Migration: The Case for Public Administration
– “Street-level bureaucrats and the governance of unaccompanied migrant
– “Activating Agency and Discretion: Identifying Factors Affecting the Interactions
Between Unaccompanied Migrant Children and Public Servants”
– “Informing Migration Policies: A Data Primer”

More information on the topic…

Red Cross:
Migration and Refugee Crisis: Responding in Times of Crisis with Relief and Hope
– Red Cross is doing humanitarian work to help migrants in all stages of their
– Relief supply network: food, water, hygiene kits, baby supplies, clothes, medica
items, medical services, shelter, comfort to families, etc.

Oxfam International:
Refugee and Migrant Crisis
– Current migration crisis is at the highest figure since WWII
– Why people flee: hunger, extreme poverty, climate change, violence, conflict, etc.
– Women and girls are impacted the most and face greater risk of gender-based

International Rescue Committee (IRC):
Refugee Crisis: 100 Million Displaced
– Sources of the crisis: Conflict in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Somalia,
U.S. Border
– 89.3 million people displaced in 2021