October 14, 2014

Current State of Russia – U.S. Relations

Sergey Kislyak, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United States

Kislyak offers a very pro-Russia view of the annexation of Crimea and the position of Russia on Ukraine. He offers a perspective that paints Russia as the unknowing victim of Western values pointing towards examples of Snowden, U.S. stance on Crimea, and more. He emphasizes the relationship between Russia and Ukraine, importantly being right around the annexation of Crimea. His perspective is that the Crimea referendum represented the will of the Ukrainian people and U.S. involvement was unwanted. He also reiterates his view that the U.S. is a large part of why the Russia-U.S. relationship is not ideal. Overall Kislyak provides insight into the Russia mindset during this time and offers a contrast to the American perspective.