October 8, 2013

The Obama Foreign Policy: A Conservative Internationalist Perspective

Henry Nau of the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs

Nau accentuates his frustrations with the old historical pattern that is America’s foreign policy of overreaching and over-involving itself followed by a rapid retraction and under-involvement. Nau advocates for an element of conservative internationalism because it is missing in foreign policy. This presentation includes a slide show for further explanation. In the digital presentation, he defines and thoroughly illustrates realism and liberal internationalism along with their negatives and positives. He uses quotes and actions from former presidents to add credibility to his argument. The speaker explains his perspective of conservative internationalism and how it uses pieces from other approaches. It would emphasize the spread of democracy through international institutions and have a sustainable military power that is able to start and or end wars. After the basic explanation, he goes into more detail to further explain his perspective and how conservative internationalism would not only be beneficial for America but for the entire world.