December 2, 2013

The World Politics of a Changing Energy Landscape

James Clad, Cambridge Energy Research Associates and the Center for Naval Analyses

The political environment of a country has a lot to do with energy, energy also has a lot to do with the power of that country. Dr. James Clad believes that the rapid growth and change in technology regarding attaining energy can give the US a chance to reindustrialize the country. He mentions that the state of Texas produces more oil and gas than Iran and that because gas seems to be plentiful in the US, it makes the rest of the world dependent on the US. This is because of the “efficacy of the sanctions against Iran that enabled hydraulic fracking because it makes extra supply available.” Clad mentions that these advancements in technology can also make the process of fracking cleaner. He emphasizes that missed opportunities with energy can be detrimental. Clad explains that the energy industry is forgiving at times but there is often little room for failure.