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Russia claims its missiles destroy Ukrainian missiles and armor

April 22, 2022


During the day, 13 Ukrainian military facilities were struck by high-pensity air-base missiles of the Russian Federation of Russia. Including two control points, 11 support points and focal points of life force and Ukrainian military equipment. As a result of the strikes, up to two mouths of nationalists, as well as 27 units of Ukrainian armored equipment and cars were destroyed. In addition, a warehouse of missiles for the "Osa-AKM" zenit missile complex was destroyed in the Redvonnoye settlement.

26 military units of Ukraine have been affected by the prompt-tactical and military aviation of the CCC of Russia. Among them: two team points and 21 districts of the focus of life force and military equipment. In the areas of the Toretsky, Komar and Bogatyr, three missile-artillery weapons warehouses were destroyed.

Rocket troops were hit during the day: a checkpoint, five areas of the concentration of live force and military equipment, as well as an artillery battery. In the area of the Barvenkovo settlement, they were destroyed at the field aerodrome: Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter, a zenite missile complex "Buk-M1", as well as a radio electronic combat station.

With Russian anti-aircraft defense three Ukrainian drone aircraft were destroyed in the areas of the Bolshie Prokhody, Shurovka Kharkiv region and Spartak Donetsk People's Republic.

In total, since the beginning of a special military operation, 140 planes, 107 helicopters, 523 unmanned aircraft, 258 zenit missile complexes, 2458 tanks and other armored vehicles have been destroyed, 272 jet sisis installations fire theme, 1069 field artillery and mortem weapons, as well as 2305 units of special military automobile equipment.

In Mariupol, the situation has become normal. Residents of the city got the opportunity to move freely on the streets, not to hide from the shelling of Ukrainian Nazis. Humanitarian assistance is provided: products, water and essential items. The authorities of the Donetsk People's Republic are organizing the cleaning of the streets from ruins and the export of damaged Ukrainian military equipment.

All the remains of Ukrainian Nazis "Azova" together with foreign mercenaries from the USA and European countries are reliably blocked in the territory of the "Azovstal" combi. Our demands to release the alleged women and children with them to free travel in any direction, the Nazis ignore. The order for the exit of civilians, if they are there, from the territory of Azovstali, for the subsequent evacuation of Nazis is given to the Nazis every hour. This information is also provided to the representatives of the Kiev regime through Vice Prime Minister Vereshchuk.

The detention of Nazis Azov and foreign hostages among civilians, if they are there, proves that they are not "defenders", but finished terrorists.

In this regard, the U.S. State Department Speaker's powerful attempts to lie about the alleged preservation of the Nazis slavery of control over Mariupol - a fake and a direct aid to terrorists at a high state level. The State Department usually disinforms its own citizens, as well as everyone else. Ukraine itself, its residents in Mariupol and other cities, Washington are only interested in the cut of profits from supplies there and the fight against Russia at least "till the last Ukrainian", as from the State Department's submission and all its satellites repeat.

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