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Russia claims Mariupol ‘completely liberated’ from ’Nazi formation'

April 13, 2022


Armed forces of the Russian Federation continue to conduct a special military operation in Ukraine.

In the city of Mariupol, completely liberated from the militants of the Nazist formation "Azov" maritime trade port. All hostages held by Nazis in the courts in the port, including foreigners, have been freed. The remains of Ukrainian troops and Nazis "Azova" units in the city are blocked and deprived of the possibility to break out of the surroundings.

During the day, 36 objects of the enemy were destroyed with high-precision weapons. Among them:

in the settlements of Vrubovka and Brestovoe two repair bases and two warehouses of the 57th and 24th mechanized brigades of Ukrainian troops;

in the districts of Popasnaya and Barvenkovo, there are five support points of the units of the 24th separate mechanized brigade; in the settlement of Cherkasy the team point of the 15th separate regiment of the National Guard of Ukraine.

The headquarters and fuel storage of the 128th separate mountain assault brigade in the Gulyay-Pole area were also destroyed.

10 military units of Ukraine were affected by prompt and tactical aviation. Among them: a control point, three missile and artillery warehouses, as well as 6 districts of the focus of Ukrainian military equipment.

In total, since the beginning of a special military operation, 130 planes, 103 helicopters, 244 zenit missile complexes, 447 drones, 2173 tanks and other armored vehicles have been destroyed, 243 jet systems installations m light fire, 937 field artillery and mortem weapons, as well as 2082 units of special military automobile equipment.

We see attempts of diversions and strikes by Ukrainian troops on objects in the territory of the Russian Federation.

If such cases continue, then the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will attack decision-making centers, including in Kiev, from which the Russian army has still been holding back.

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