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Russia claims Ukraine preparing a ‘provocation’ using chlorine gas

April 6, 2022      

Briefing of the Ministry of Defense of Russia:

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue a special military operation in Ukraine.

High-performance ground-based missiles in the Donetsk region were destroyed: the command point of the Ukrainian 56 separate motor brigade in the area of Novogradovka settlement, as well as the nationalist base in the settlement of Grodovka.

A fuel base in the Kharkiv region was destroyed by high-intensity air-based missiles, in which Ukrainian troops were supplied fuel for equipment. In addition, at the Lozovaya railway station in the Kharkiv region, a cluster of military equipment and foreign-produced weapons supplied to supply Ukrainian armed forces were destroyed.

During the day 34 military objects of Ukraine were affected by the operational and tactical aviation of the CCC of Russia. Among them: an artillery battery, two warehouses of material and technical equipment, as well as 9 support points and areas of concentration of military equipment of the Ukrainian armed forces.

Russian anti-aircraft defense in the area of Taranovka Kharkiv region, an unmanned aircraft "Bayraktar TB-2".

In total, since the beginning of a special military operation, 125 planes, 93 helicopters, 408 unmanned aircraft, 227 zenite missile complexes, 1987 tanks and other armed vehicles have been destroyed, 216 jet systems installations eating bottle fire, 862 field artillery and mortem weapons, and 1888 units of special military automobile equipment.

According to confirmed information, in the city of Pervomaysky Kharkiv region, Ukrainian special services are preparing a large provocation using poisonous substances.

On the territory of the production association "Himprom" by SBU employees, a warehouse with 120 tons of chlorine was mined. This warehouse is planned to explode to accuse Russia of allegedly creating a chemical disaster that caused the death of locals.

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