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Russian landing ships in Black Sea shell Mariupul

March 23, 2022      

Enemy continues full scale armed aggression against Ukraine.
Enemy doesn’t’t stop preparing for active offensive actions to capture Kyiv and movement towards administrative borders of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.
Occupants continue forming and relocating of additional units to the UKR borders in order to renew losses in personnel and military equipment.
Main efforts of aggressor on the south of Ukraine are concentrated on establishment of control over Mariupol.
Belarussian armed forces are likely be involved in military operation against Ukraine.

Operational environment
To support the advance of land forces grouping, enemy strikes important military and civil infrastructure objects with strategic and operative-tactical aviation, tactical/operative-tactical missiles, as well as naval-based cruise missiles.
12 “Kaliber” type naval based cruise missiles were launched by two small missile ships, on the 22nd of March, form the area 3-4 km far on the North West from the Sevastopol stationing point.
There is a threat of active offense resume in order to surround/capture of Kyiv (possibly on the 24th of March).
Personnel of 40th SepNavInfBde of Pacific Fleet is preparing to relocate by airlift to the UKR border.
At the same time, in order to form reserves, occupants plans to involve military personnel from Syrian future rotation.

Volynskyi OZ
There is a strong possibility of provocations by russian secret services on the belarussian objects to push belarussian armed forces for participation in the offensive operation other UKR territory.
Belarusian units’ command facilitated propaganda among personnel about necessity of invading Ukraine.

Pollisskyi OZ
Forces grouping of Eastern MD and airborne troops finish regrouping of their units with aerial reconaissaince on main directions of advance.
Enemy facilitated firing of our troops’ positions with aviation and artillery, primarily at the outskirts of Kyiv.
In nearest future enemy will try to maintain attack towards the capital.

Siverskyi OZ
Central MD’ troops replenish and reinforce their ammunition and POL resources in order to continue attack.
Units of 90th TDiv and 41st CAA continue to block Chernihiv. Russian troops enhanced aerial reconnaissance for clarifying our forces positions.

Units of 90th TDiv and 41st CAA maintain assault actions in the areas of Zalissya, Bohdanivka, Velyka Dymerka (Kyiv region) in order to break the defense and moving to the north-eastern outskirts of Kyiv.
Enemy used UAVs to adjust indirect fire.

Slobozhanskiy OZ
Main efforts of Western MD’ units are directed: units of 1st TA –blockade of Sumy and prepare for advance towards Trostyanets, Okhtyrka, Poltava; 6th CAA and Northern Fleet units – blockade of Kharkiv.
Russian troops make new attempts to move forwards in the area of Izum. Main goal – approach to Slovyansk and Kramatorsk in order to capture them.
Engendering units have spanned water crossing over Siverskyi Donets in Scnizhivka (3 km far on the south from Izum) for assault units relocation on the left bank.
On the 23rd of March, units of 6th CAA are planned to be reinforced with nearly 50 pieces of military equipment (including tanks and IPCs) relocated from Belgorod region (russia) to Ukraine.

Donetsk OZ
Units and formations of 1st and 2nd ACs along with 8th and 58th CAAs of Southern MD are concentrated on the seizure of Mariupol, Rubizhne, Severodonetsk, Popasna and Vugledar.
Enemy will continue active offensive actions to gain full control over Mariupol. As of the second part of 22nd of March, occupants are fighting in the area 3km far from the downtown. The basis of assault forces grouping consists of 102nd MRRegt and 68th TRegt of 150th MRDiv of 8th CAA and 810th SepNavInfBde of BSF of Southern MD and also “Rosgvardiya” troops, manned mainly with ethnical Chechens.
2 BTGs of 4th MB (Tskhinvali, Southern Osetuia) of 58th CAA and one BTG form 7th MB (Gudauta, Abkhazia) of 49th CAA in the nearest time are planned to arrive to Ilovaysk, Donetsk region.

Southern Bug and Tavriyskiy OZs

Units of 22nd AC, 7th AAsltDiv, 58th and 49th CAAs are taking up defense on captured thresholds/areas and replenish resources of missiles/ammunition and POL.
Enemy prepares to deploy helipad near Scadovsk (territory of former airfield).
Helicopters of 39th HeliRegt (Dzhankoi) of 27th MixAirDiv of 4th Air and AD Army of Southern MD will be probably based there.
On March 22, 2 Su-25 assault aircraft of russian air force relocated to Melitopol airfield. There also was observed arrival to city of military vehicles convoy, including fuel tanks.
Occupants are repairing destructed bridge over Ingulets River in Starosillya (100 km north east from Kherson).
Russian law enforcement structures continue unlawful activity concerning peaceful population of Ukraine. Russians increased the control over seized cities by establishment of checkpoints in performance of “filtration measures”. In particular, “cleanse measures” in Berdyansk were conducted by personnel of 40th OMON detachment (Taganrog) of “Rosgvardiya”.

Azov-Black Sea OZ
BSF shipping group maintains maritime blockade of Ukraine in north-western part of Azov and Black Seas.
It is exposed, that “Tsezar Kunikov” and “Novocherkassk” large landing ships of bsf are involved in artillery shelling (MLRS “Groza”) of coastal zone of Mariupol.
Replenishment of rockets is being provided in Berdyansk.
There are no indicators of preparation of amphibious landing operation on the Black sea shore of Ukraine.

Abbreviations list
TOT – temporary occupied territories;
MD – military district;
OZ – operational zone;
AOR – are of responsibility;
JOF – Joint Operation Forces:
CAA – combined arms army
TA – tank army
AC – army corps
AAsltDiv – air assault division;
SepAAsltBde – separate air assault brigade;
SepCostDefBde – separate coastal defense brigade
MRBde – motorized rifle brigade;
MRRegt – motorized rifle regiment;
MB – military base;
BTGs – battalion tactical group;
TG – tactical group;
BSF – Black Sea Fleet;
CTG – company tactical group;
SOF – special operation forces;
MLRS – multiple launch rocket system;
SAM – surface to air missile
HPP – hydro power plant;
POL – petroleum, oil and lubricants.

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