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Peculiarities of Russia’s open armed aggression against Ukraine

March 9, 2022  9AM

Russian command is preparing to boost offensive operation against Ukraine.  For this purpose, additional reinforcement units (including airborne troops)  approach to the border areas of Ukraine. Missile and air weapon systems are also being supplied to the stocks near Ukrainian border. 

In permanent stationing points of Russian military units and commissariats there are urgent activities directed on forming and relocation of new reserves to the operational designation areas near Ukrainian border. 

Russian military command, considering absence of significant combat success  and mass losses of personnel, directed terroristic order to gun down “without mercy”  of persons who try to evacuate though created humanitarian corridors. 

Operational environment 

Enemy continues offensive operation against Ukraine on the designated  directions. Russian military command organized reconnaissance activities directed on  places of field logistics centers as well as places of Ukrainian troops training and  concentration locations. Following is being done by the enemy for emergency advance  of troops deep into Ukrainian territory and severe weakening of Ukrainian resistance  potential. 

At the same time, enemy organized preparation for troops supply with  petroleum oil and lubricants during offensive operation in north-western areas of  Ukraine. Thus, the construction of field pipeline from Mozyr refinery (Belarus) to  Korosten (Ukraine) has begun. 

Pollisskyi operational zone 

One of the highest priority tasks for Eastern MD troops is attack on the Kyiv direction to facilitate force grouping located near Hostomel. Considering results of  combat actions, enemy decided to regroup.  

Chornobyl exclusion zone is used by enemy for new troop’s relocation to the  north-western part of Kyiv region. Rear area is deployed near Maryanivka for logistic  support of Russian troops. 

Siverskiy operational zone 

In terms of offensive action towards Kyiv, forward units from Central MD are trying to reach northern and eastern outskirts of Brovary. This forces grouping was  enhanced by “Tochka-U” type tactical missile systems delivered from Russian  territory.  

Subunits, shaped from Chechnya Republic residents, are playing the role of barrage detachments. 

There are verified evidences of Russian mobile crematoria functioning for their  military servicemen’ corps burning. In this way, Russian command prevents leak of  information about their losses.

Slobozhanskyi operational zone 

Artillery units are being deployed at the outskirts of Kharkiv and Sumy in terms of Western MD troops preparation for offense. Also enemy concentrates army aviation  for support of airborne actions.  

Donetsk operational zone 

There are positional clashes between Join Operation Forces and units form 1st and 2nd ACs together with Russian units form 8th CAA of Southern MD. “Styrol” enterprise may be chosen by occupants to create provocation against Ukrainian  Armed Forces. Thus, Russians may try to explode depots with toxic reagents to  contaminate the environment.  

Tavriyskyi operational zone 

Units of 58th Combined Arms Army (CAA) and 20th Motorized Rifled Division of 8th CAA conduct offensive actions towards Mariupol. Units of 37th separate  railway brigade of Southern MD restore railway using special armored train in the  areas of Kherson – Oleshky.  

Antonivskyi Bridge near Kherson is being secured by units of 50th separate  operative brigade of Russian National Guard Service troops (“Rosgvardiya”). 

Southern Bug operational zone 

Subunits of 49th CAA and 22nd AC of Southern MD are continuing advance on the north of Mykolayiv for a purpose to cut off the city from the automobile routes towards Kryvyi Rih and Kropivnitskyi. At the same time, tactical airborne landings are planned to capture bridges through Southern Bug. 

Kremlin’s tactic against Ukraine  

Having failed to achieve success in the so-called “special operation” against  Ukraine and having lost the momentum of the attack, Kremlin is trying to create a  humanitarian crisis in key cities of our state. The goal is to facilitate refugees flows,  demoralize locals and Defense forces personnel, decrease the resistance to aggressor. 

Moscow intentionally fails to adhere to agreements with Ukraine concerning  the evacuation of civilians through “green corridors”.  

The RF insists on unacceptable routes for the evacuation of civilians, in  particular exclusively to Russian territory (including through Belarus).  Moscow plans to use these measures for propaganda and to create an image of  the country as a savior.  


Russian armed forces terrorist and reconnaissance-subversive activities

Russia continues to use terrorist methods for targeted killing of peaceful  inhabitants and destroying of civilian infrastructure of Ukraine in order to intimidate  people and force them stop resisting. Residential buildings and medical care facilities  are being fully destroyed in result of intensive air strikes. Only in last 24 hours as a  result of air strikes on civil areas on Sumy, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Zhytomyr and Vinnitsya regions at least 30 people were killed, from which 5 children aged from 1  to 7 years. 

The intentional opening fire by Russian land units on civilian vehicles deserves  special attention. In Bogdanivka (Kyiv region) Russian armored vehicle destroyed the civil car, 2 people were killed. At least 4 people were injured in humanitarian  evacuation corridors in Kyiv and Donetsk regions. In Mykolaiv region a civilian car  marked with a red cross was shelling, 3 people were killed and 2 were injured. 

Along with this, there is an intensification of Russian information operations.  In last 24 hours: SMS mailing to mayors for bloodless surrender of cities (Kharkiv  and Irpin, Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region); distribution of propaganda leaflets among the  local population about the need for Ukraine to join the Russian Federation  (Berdyansk, Zaporizhia region); V.Yanukovych appeal to the President of Ukraine  V.Zelensky with a call to resign; submission by the Russian media of the  consequences of Russian air strikes as a result of the actions of Ukrainian troops;  intimidation of employees of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant and forcing them  under threat of using weapons to record a propaganda story for Russian media.

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