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Peculiarities of Russia’s open armed aggression against Ukraine

March 12, 2022  6PM  Kyiv time

Russian occupation forces continue strategic offensive operation against our  State. 

Having operational pause, enemy is renewing combat capabilities and  regrouping forces for further advance in Pollisskyi, Siverskiy, Slobozhanskyi,  Donetsk, Tavriyskyi and Southern Bug operational zones. 

Forces are replenishing their resources with missiles and ammunition as well as  petroleum, oil and lubricants. 

Russian armed forces land grouping’ activity is the most intensive in the areas  of Mykolaiv and Mariupol and in the Joint Forces Operation area.

Operational environment 

Enemy continues identification of targets in Ukrainian territory. That is done  by aerial reconnaissance from territory of Belarus and border regions of Russia. Russian air force and artillery are striking and shelling positions of Ukrainian  Armed Forces in Chernihiv, Sumy, Mykolaiv, Mariupol, Avdiivka, Volnovakha and  outskirts of other key cities. 

There is collection and repair base for damaged military equipment deployed  on the territory of Belarus. 

Pollisskyi operational zone 

There are no severe enemy’s attacks in the area. Aggressor is renewing combat  capabilities, regrouping and working out issues of logistic support. 

Siverskiy operational zone 

Russian military command is augmenting offensive forces grouping for assault  of Kyiv. Enemy’s tank units are moving on the east of Kyiv from Bohdanivka  towards Brovary and Trebukhiv. 

Enemy concentrates forces for next attempt to seizure Sumy. 

Logistic support (POL and ammunition delivery) is being provided from  Tiotkino (Kursk region, Russia) to Sumy and Konotop as well as through western  part of Chernihiv region. 

Slobozhanskyi operational zone 

Enemy is still trying to take control over Kharkiv, keeping it under air missile  and artillery strikes on civilian objects. Russian troops are maneuvering on the north  and south-east of the city to create favorable positions for assault.  

Engineering units are spanning water crossings over Siverskyi Donets River. Donetsk operational zone 

Units of 58th and 49th CAAs of Southern MD continue preparation for assault  of Mariupol. Aggressor eliminates defense system and resistance of Mariupol’s  defenders through massive and regular air-missile and artillery strikes. 

1st and 2nd Army Corps and 150th MRDiv of 8th CAA of Southern MD are  trying to take control over Volnovakha and Soledar.

Tavriyskyi operational zone 

Enemy is relocating its troops and preparing to seize Zaporizhzhya. For this  purpose units are concentrating near Pology, Orikhiv and Gulyai Pole (Zaporizhzhya  region). 

Southern Bug operational zone 

Units of 49th CAA of Southern MD are focusing on capturing of important cities  on the Ukrainian South such as Pavlograd, Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih, Zaporizhzhya, Nikopol  and Mykolaiv. Russian military command intensifies measures of comprehensive support from occupied Crimean peninsula through Antonov Bridge (Kherson).  

Azov-Black Seas operational zone 

There are no indicators of preparation to naval landing operation regarding seizure of southern seashore of Ukraine (Odesa). 

Black Sea Fleet ships (6 pieces) are brought up to the higher combat readiness  level, waiting for command to launch missile strikes on the objects in the Ukrainian  territory. 

Terrorist and unlawful occupation activity of Russian armed forces 

The enemy continues to use terrorist methods to succeed in “special operation”.  Russian troops continue the deliberate destruction of residential districts. The  

occupants carry out targeted and systematic bombings on residential districts  (Mykolaiv, Severodonetsk and Mariupol), landmark architectural buildings (hotel in  Chernihiv), food storage warehouses (Kvitneve village, Kyiv Oblast), airfields  (Vasylkiv village, Kropyvnytskyi).  

Moreover, Russian military supreme command have released an order to speed  up the process of establishment of control over Ukrainian settlements, including with  total elimination of Ukrainian civil population, killing them regardless their race, age,  sex and religion. 

Today we observe new enemy tactics – exploitation of kamikaze UAVs with  explosive load in urban area. In Kyiv a building of state bank was hit by drone with 1  kg of plastid and shrapnel.  

Russia`s armed forces grossly violate international humanitarian law and the  Rule of War. The enemy cynically shoots the medical vehicles of Ukrainian  defenders, at the same time illegally using the symbols of the “Red Cross” on its own  military equipment, capturing of Ukrainian activists, blocking of humanitarian staffs  and corridors (Melitopol city). 

In occupied territories enemy imposes strong counterintelligence regime. In  Balakleya (Kharkiv Oblast) Russian militaries have prohibited to leave the city by  personal transport – by foot only, for women only.

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