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Peculiarities of Russia’s open armed aggression against Ukraine

March 14, 2022  11AM

Russian occupation forces continue strategic offensive operation against Ukraine.
Enemy is redeploying additional units (reserves) for reinforcement/renewal operational capabilities of Russian offensive grouping.
At present, enemy is most active in Joint Forces Operation area, in particular in Mariupol, Volnovakha and Izum.
Operational environment
Enemy continues destruction of military and civil infrastructure of Ukraine by missile-air strike, using strategic long range bombers, fighters and bombers of operative-tactical aviation, operative tactical missile complex “Iskander” and naval-based cruise missile “Kaliber”.
Aggressor deploys network of logistic hubs/transition points along state border and on Ukrainian territory to increase effectiveness of comprehensive support of troops.
Russian occupants conducted aerial reconnaissance and surface surveillance in north-western part of the Black Sea for clarifying positions and objects of Ukrainian armed forces.
At the same time, enemy has intensified activity of subversive-reconnaissance groups in depths of our territory.
Volynskyi operational zone
Occupants conduct demonstrative actions relocating designated units of Belarus armed forces along state border of Ukraine. Belarusian armed forces are likely to be involved in direct military operation against Ukraine.
Pollisskyi operational zone
Main efforts of Eastern MD units and airborne troops are focused on combat capabilities renewal and forces regrouping.
In the nearest time enemy will resume offensive actions to gain total control over Hostomel.
Siverskiy operational zone
There are no changes in dislocation, posture and composition of Central MD’s forces grouping in the operational zone. Units of 90th tank division (TDiv) are regrouping, developing their materiel support system and preparing to resume the attack towards Brovary and Bohdanivka.
Slobozhanskyi operational zone
There are no indicators of enemy’s offensive activities. Aggressor is regrouping units of Western MD and takes up defense on the captured thresholds. In the nearest time attack is going to start: towards Sumy and Okhtyrka – designated units of 1st tank army, towards Kharkiv – 41st combined arms army (CAA).

Ukrainian Armed Forces positions were observed by Russian troops with aerial reconnaissance UAVs near Kharkiv.
Donetsk operational zone
Situation on this operational zone remains complicated. 1st and 2nd ACs with designated units from 8th CAA and 58th CAA of Southern MD continue offensive actions in order to seizure territory up to administrative borders of Donetsk and Luhansk region with Mariupol and Severodonetsk being captured.
As for now, enemy gained control over Mykilske (Volnovakha district).
Tavriyskyi operational zone
Subunits from 58th CAA and 20th MRDiv of 8th CAA are replenishing their fuel and ammunition reserves for resume of attack on Zaporizhzhya.
Southern Bug operational zone
Main efforts of 49th CAA’s command are focused on augmentation of troops grouping, acting on Mykolaiv and Kryvyi Rih directions.
To provide tactical airborne landings, occupants actively use airfield of Chaplynka (Kherson region). At present there are about 35 army aviation helicopters.
Azov-Black Sea operational zone
There are still no indicators of naval landing operation conducts on the Black Sea shore.
Port Berdyansk, recently captured by invaders, is used as a logistic hub enemy troop’s comprehensive support on Mariupol direction.
Russian armed forces terrorist and illegal activities
The enemy continues to intimidate civilian people of Ukraine by air/missile/artillery strikes. The most intensive cases of shelling were fixed in Donetsk, Luhansk, Zhytomyr and Rivne regions. The most violent shootings of civilian people were noticed in Sumy region.
In occupied territories the enemy murders local authority officials and kidnaps of Ukrainian defenders and/or their family members. In Luhansk and Sumy regions Russian SOF are forcing local inhabitants to act in favor of the enemy under the threat of physical violence. Russian agents conduct adjusting of missile strikes on critical infrastructure facilities in the West of Ukraine.
There is a lack of funding for Russian occupation administration for the next two quarters and postponing of mobilization in occupied territories. At the same time, we observe transferring of mercenaries from the Middle East to Belarus (Homel region).

Recruitment of mercenaries in Chechnya to participate in warfare against Ukraine

The Kremlin has stepped up the recruiting process of mercenaries from Chechnya to participate in combat actions in Ukraine. The overwhelming majority of these mercenaries are sent to join the “Yug” (South) Chechen battalion, which main purpose is “sweeping operations” conduct.

Recruiting is conducted among Federal Troops Service of National Guard (FTSNG) “Rosgvardiya” (mainly patrol service) and imprisoned criminals, offered full amnesty in exchange for their willingness to fight against Ukraine. For participation in hostilities on the Russian side, monthly payment – 1430€, as well as a one-time payment – 2800€. The first group of Chechen mercenaries with amount of about 1000 people has already been sent to Ukraine. On 17th of March, another group of selected mercenaries is planned to be transported to Ukraine. The most probable ways for the militants to enter Ukraine are through Crimea and Belarus. Despite Kadyrov’s calls for the Chechen population to participate in warfare, the overall process of recruiting mercenaries is going on slowly.

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