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Briefing of the Ministry of Defense of Russia
March 9, 2022

"The grouping of troops of the Lugansk People's Republic, continuing offensive actions, took control of the settlements of TOSHKOVKA and GRACHEVO. 2 kilometers of progress.

Units of the People's Militia of the Donetsk People's Republic advanced 4 kilometers in the course of aggressive actions and conquered the settlements of SIGNAL, TARAMCHUK, ELENOV and TRUDOVOE.

The depth of the promotion of the Units of the People's Militia units of the Donetsk Republic in MARIUPOL per day was more than one kilometer.

Units of the Russian Armed Forces have taken control of the settlements of KRASNAI POLYANA and STEPNOE.

During the day of March 9, 49 military units were destroyed by a bombardment and assault aircraft of the Russian Federation of Russia. Including: 2 control points, 6 zen missile complexes, 4 ammunition and combustion warehouses and 37 weapons and military equipment focus districts.

During the operation, 2786 military infrastructure facilities of Ukraine were destroyed.

Among them: 953 tanks and other armored war vehicles, 101 kick-off fire systems, 351 field artillery weapons and a mortometer, 718 units of special military vehicle equipment, as well as 93 drone aircraft.

I stand separately on the results of the defeat of aviation and the funds of the Air Force of Ukraine.

By the beginning of a special operation in the Ukrainian armed forces, there were up to 250 correct fighter jets and helicopters.

89 fighter jets and 57 helicopters have been destroyed by Russian air-space forces on earth and in the air.

Some of the Ukrainian planes flew to Romania and did not participate in the fights.

90 percent of Ukrainian military airports, on which the main composition of combat aviation were based, have been discontinued. There are almost no more trained Ukrainian pilots of the first and second grade. For today, only a few attempts of the Ukrainian Air Force combat flights are recorded.

Now on the results of the defeat of Ukrainian Air Force funds.

During the operation by the Russian Armed Forces, 137 zenite missile complexes of the Air Force S-300, "M-1" and S-125 were destroyed. This is more than 90 percent of the large and medium-range zenit missile complexes available in the combat squad.

81 radio location posts of the Ukrainian Air Force were destroyed. This led to the loss of military aviation control and anti-aircraft defense of Ukraine. At present, the Air Force system is only a focal character and is unable to prove a significant contradiction to Russian aviation.

The lack of information on the air environment, the management of the Ukrainian armed forces is trying to fill up the data at the air force command point in Vinnitsa from planes

E-3A system "AVAX-NATO".

Data aircraft carry out 24/7 duty in the airspace of Poland.

Unfortunately, there were several facts of the presence of emergency soldiers in parts of the Russian Armed Forces involved in conducting a special military operation on the territory of Ukraine.

Almost all such soldiers have already been deployed to Russia.

Along with that, one of the units carrying out the tasks of the rear-end security was attacked by a diversion group of the National Battalion.

A number of soldiers, including life emergency services, were captured.

Exquisite measures are currently being taken to prevent the deployment of emergency services to combat areas and the release of captured soldiers."

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