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Russian Defense Ministry Briefing

March 5, 2022

Briefing of the Head of the National Center for Defense of the Russian Federation Colonel Mikhail Mizintsev, March 5, 2022

M. Mizintsev: Unfortunately, the humanitarian situation in Ukraine is rapidly deteriorating and continues to take on a catastrophic scale. At the same time, the Russian side is taking all possible measures to stabilize the monstrous situation for the Ukrainian people, fulfilling its committed humanitarian obligations and will continue to fulfill them.

The Collective West and international organizations pretend to be oblivious to the extreme plight of people in territories controlled by neo-Nazis and Bandera.

The Russian Federation is taking all possible measures to evacuate civilians and foreign citizens from blocked settlements.

Humanitarian corridors opened daily in the Volnovakh and Mariupol directions, but national battalions categorically prevent attempts of civilians to exit towards the Russian Federation. The same situation in Kharkov and Sumy, as well as a number of other settlements.

However, taking into account the insistent requests of the Ukrainian side and exclusively for humanitarian purposes, today from 10 am Moscow time, a "mode of silence" has been once again declared for the exit of civilians from Mariupol and Volnovakha. At the same time, routes and all transport logistics of humanitarian corridors have been worked out and coordinated in detail with the Ukrainian side. The Armed Forces of Russia ensure their safety.

Representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Kiev and Moscow have been notified in advance.

Unfortunately, as of now we have reliable information that out of the declared 200 thousand. refugees from Mariupol and 15 thousand. from Volnovakha to the open humanitarian corridors, no one ever arrived. It is well established that nationalists do not let civilians and foreign nationals out of these settlements.

Since 10 o'clock in the morning, with five unmanned aircrafts, three over Mariupol, two over Volnovakha, we conducted intensive surveillance of the situation in these settlements. According to the results of objective control, it was established that no humanitarian columns were formed, but on the contrary, the "silence mode" was actively used to intensively regroup the Ukrainian Armed Forces units and national battalions on the wall landing positions throughout Mariupol, as well as moving weapons and military equipment to more favorable positions.

A similar situation is noted in Volnovakh. The operational pause was used only to improve the position of national battalions and to build forces and resources.

Today I have to address directly to the Vice Prime Minister of the Government of Ukraine Irina Vereshchuk, with whom we have been working intensively and interacting intensively over the past 24 hours, while we have fulfilled all her wishes and requests. If the Kiev regime dragged you into this special provocative operation to create more favorable conditions for the defending Nazis in these settlements, then say so, you personally tell about this Ukrainian people, who will give yours Actions have their political assessment.

How can this be described in general? Provocation, lies, deception, but it's only at first glance, and basically it's about betraying your own people and using it as a "living shield" for the criminal activities of the Nazis. At the same time, the state structures of Ukraine are also involved in the bandit process.

Despite the severity of the consequences of the disruption of today's humanitarian operation, we are ready to continue to work patiently and persistently with representatives of Ukraine and international organizations for the immediate resolution of the humanitarian crisis.

As for Mariupol and Volnovakha, the Russian Federation has fulfilled all the conditions of the Ukrainian side both on time, on route, and on security. As a result, we got an operational pause for the nationalists to regroup and strengthen their positions in the said populated areas.

I suppose comments are superfluous here.

In addition, at the positions of the Russian Armed Forces, at 10 o'clock, artillery fire was opened from Mariupol, and from Volnovakha continuous fire was carried out from 10 o'clock 11 minutes to 10 o'clock 21st minute.

At 10:39 a residential building exploded in Mariupol, under which up to 200 people, including elderly people and children may stay.

Now for the overalls.

Militants of nationalist battalions continue to hold about five thousand hostages as "living shields". of foreigners, including :

in Kharkov - up to 1.5 thousand. students from India, up to 200 Jordanians, 40 Egyptian citizens, 15 Vietnamese citizens;

sumy city has 576 Indian citizens, 159 Tanzanian citizens, 121 Chinese citizens, 100 Ghanaian students, 60 Egyptians, 45 Jordanians, 16 Pakistani students, 15 Tunisians and 14 Zambian citizens.

Our suggestions to open humanitarian corridors in Kharkov and Sumy have so far been rejected.

Kiev radicals, instead of promoting the withdrawal of citizens from the areas of war, are obstructing the evacuation of civilians to safe places with all their might - curfew is widespread, departures from settlements are mined, Nazis threaten physical massacres of peaceful people.

In the city of Sumy, a group of up to 20 Pakistani students were beaten up by the nationalists of the territorial defense battalions while trying to reach the Suja checkpoint on their own and sent back to their hostel.

The situation is aggravated by a monstrous increase in crime provoked by the Ukrainian authorities, which without analysis armed residents of cities, radical elements, criminals released prematurely by the same criminal authorities from detainees i.e.

Taking advantage of their impunity and actually becoming parallel power, with total loss of civil and legal control, bandits rampage in settlements, kill, rob and rape. The country was swept away by a wave of robbery and looting. The Ukrainian people are intimidated, the atrocities of the Nazis have become widespread.

In addition, there were cases of racial discrimination of human rights, namely nationalist activists obstructing the evacuation of foreigners, especially those of dark complexion, as well as citizens of India, Israel, Indonesia, Pakistan and Egypt.

At the same time, the Russian side has created all the conditions for the population of the liberated territories to return to peaceful and safe life, the unimpededed access to humanitarian assistance continues.

Since the start of the special military operation, more than 156 thousand have been evacuated from danger zones. a person. , of them 41 596 children, including 6 613 per day, of which 967 children.

17,365 personal cars crossed the state border of the Russian Federation, 924 of them per day.

More than 7 thousand continue to function in the Russian Federation entities. temporary placement points.

At all checkpoints of the Russian Federation, for the fifth day, we have been holding a sufficient amount of car transport in readiness for the transport of Ukrainian citizens to selected settlements, and the temporary location points have been deployed, in which it is provided to be No medical care, hot meals, equipped recreation areas.

Logistic delivery traffic to any settlement or temporary location of the choice of each person has been worked out.

Humanitarian aid continues to accumulate at collection points, more than 12 thousand have already been accumulated. a ton. 497 tons of humanitarian cargo have been delivered to Ukraine, 62 humanitarian actions have been carried out.

Yesterday, 35 humanitarian actions were held in the Kiev and Kherson regions, as well as in the Luhansk People's Republic, during which 280 tons of essential items, medicines and food products were donated to the population of liberated areas.

As of today, 18 humanitarian actions are planned and carried out in the Kiev and Kharkiv regions, as well as in the Donetsk People's Republic, during which 60 tons of essential items, medicines and food products are transferred to the population.

Once again, we urge the collective West to stop the streams of politically motivated lies about the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, and the world community and the entire civilized world to actively participate in the work to force the Kiev regime into compliance rules of humane attitude towards civilians.

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