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Russian Defense Ministry Briefing

March 7, 2022 

"The grouping of troops of the Lugansk People's Republic, continuing offensive actions, took under control the settlements of KUDRYASHOVKA, VORONOVO, METELKINO, MEDVEZHIE, ASKORONOVKA, PETROVKA, ALEXANDROVKA.

Units of the People's Militia of the Donetsk People's Republic have established control over the settlements of LATMOE, BERZOVO, CLEAR, MAXIMOVKA and VALERYANOVKA.

Today, from 10 o'clock Moscow time, in accordance with the declared "silence regime", all combat operations have been completely stopped.

According to civilians who escaped from Mariupol yesterday, the situation in the city occupied by nationalists is heavy. People are hiding in basements. Due to the lack of electricity and gas in the houses, they are forced to cook food for themselves on the street, on the bonfires.

Fighters getting them fired up. Nationalists open fire on all civilians trying to leave their homes.

People on the walls and doors of houses are forced to write with paint: "Don't shoot - here are children! ".

However, the Nazis, using terrorist tactics, are in houses with the inscription "don't shoot - here are the children! ", rolling their fire spots.

The units of the Russian Armed Forces took control of the settlements of NOVUKRAINIAN, STAROMAYORSKOE, STAROMLYNOVKA, MAYOROVO and REMOVKA. All civilians of liberated settlements receive humanitarian assistance.

Strikes on the objects of military infrastructure of Ukraine continue.

26 military facilities were destroyed by bombardment and assault aviation of the Russian Federation of Russia.

Among them: 2 control points, a radio station, 5 ammunition warehouses and 11 areas of concentration of arms and military equipment."

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