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Russian forces Regroup, Rearm, Ukraine says

March 21, 2022      

Enemy is continuing strategic offensive operation against our State.
Enemy will likely resume dynamic advance and massive firing with artillery, aviation and naval assets on all directions.
Belarusian armed forces will likely take part in military operation against Ukraine. Belarusian military command examines the morale of personnel of units, designated for participation in combat actions on the Ukrainian territory.

Operational environment

At present, russian forces grouping is the most active in the JOF area, in particular on Mariupol direction.
Generally enemy conducts constrain activities to prevent maneuvers of our troops. Russian aggressor launches missile-air strikes at military objects and fortifications to create favorable conditions for advance.
“Rosgvardiya” units provide filtration measures on all directions, for this purpose russian command has relocated additional units to Chernihiv region. Special attention is paid to ex-militaries male persons.

Pollisskyi OZ
Enemy was trying to conduct assault actions in the areas of Zagalci and Teterivske.
Eastern MD will be reinforced by rotation of units from 42nd separate brigade of “Rosgvardiya” operating within the area of mentioned MD.

Siverskyi OZ
Forces’ grouping of 2nd, 41st CAAs and 90th TDiv of Cenral MD maintain build up of efforts for resume of advance, provides logistic support of units and develop engineering fortifications of captured positions.
Enemy was trying to assault in the area of Zalissya, Bohdanivka and Zhordova.
Enemy will likely resume offensive actions in directions on Brovary and Boryspil for blocking of eastern direction of Kyiv.


Slobozhanskiy OZ
Units of 6th, 20th CAA, 1st TA of Western MD and Northern Fleet are performing regrouping and logistic support of troops in order to advance on Kharkiv and Izum directions. Aggressor is rebuilding destroyed railway infrastructure on the part of route between Valuyki (rf) and Kupyansk (Kharkiv region).
To extend range of army aviation which supports Western MD grouping, helicopter pads are deployed near Ukrainian border in Belgorod region.

Donetsk OZ
Troops of 1st and 2nd ACs supported by 8th and 58th CAAs of Southern MD are conducting offensive actions along all the contact line.
In the western and eastern outskirts of Mariupol enemy is struggling to advance into city center. Near Rubizhne aggressor has used artillery to strengthen his positions in western and north-western parts of the city and conducted regrouping of forces.

Tavriyskiy OZ
Enemy has replaced 2 Su-25 bombers on the Melitopol airfield to reduce the flying time.
Units of “Rosgvardiya” were redeployed to prevent strikes in occupied settlements Brylivka, Gromivka, Blagovischenka, Grushivka, Zelene and Mykolaivka.
They are expected to provide “filtration measures” to establish occupational authorities and suppress of people’s resistance on the territory of Kherson regions.

Southern Bug OZ
Units of 22nd AC, 34th SepMRBde, 20th MRDiv, 7th AAsltDiv and 8th CAA were replenishing resources of ammunition in order to advance towards Kryvyi Rih and Apostolove.

Azov-Black Sea OZ
Enemy has build up the presence of ships in the Sea of Azov. In particular, there are large landing ships “Tsezar Kunikov” and “Novocherkassk”, patrol ship “Pavel Derzhavin” standing on the south of Mariupol port and shelling the city from ship artillery systems.
There are no indicators of preparation to naval landing operation on Black sea shore of Ukraine.
Terrorist and unlawful activity of russian occupation forces The enemy continues to terrorize peaceful citizens of Ukraine through artillery, missile and air strikes. Main strikes were delivered on: residential districts in KYIV and KHARKIV; objects of civilian infrastructure in MARIUPOL (art school), KREMINNA (retirement home) and IRPIN (Biblical seminary).
Moreover, MARIUPOL was shot by four combat ships of Russian Black Sea Fleet.
Forests of the Chornobyl exclusion zone are being shelled by enemy MLRSs in order to cause large-scale fires in the north of Kyiv Oblast.
In Zaporizhia Oblast the occupants wore the uniform of Ukrainian Armed Forces in order to conceal its subversive actions. In MARIUPOL the enemy used signal beacons for adjusting air strikes that were disguised in valuable gadgets (smart phones and portable speakers) – they were found and neutralized.

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