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Russian forces ‘regroup in preparation for offensive,’ Ukraine says

March 24, 2022      

Enemy maintains preparation for resume of advance in order to  capture/surround main administrative centers of Ukraine and elimination of JOF  grouping. 

Russian armed forces launch air and artillery strikes on military and civil  facilities in Kharkiv, Mariupol, and Izum and around Kyiv. 

Aggressor maintains renewal of casualties and relocation of additional units  reserves from 29th and 36th CAAs of Eastern MD, 11th AC of Baltic Fleet of Western MD for combat actions on Ukrainian territory. 

Operational environment 

Aggressor regroups its troops, provides logistic support to resume the offense  and seizure/surrounding of Kyiv, Mariupol, Kharkiv, Sumy, Izum and JOF grouping. Russian units launch air and missile-artillery strikes in order to destroy civil  and critical infrastructure in Kyiv, Mariupol, and Kharkiv and in the area of JFO. Russian aggressor prepares to the usage of high precision weapon systems  from the territory of belarus. Thus, missiles for “Iskander-M” OTMS were delivered  from russia to Homel region. 

In order to boost the process of losses renewal in personnel of offensive  grouping, enemy engages militants of russian private military companies (PMC) and  military obliged persons from TOT of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. 

Russian military command build up the amount of “Rosgvardiya” units to keep  occupied territories under control. 

Volynskyi OZ 

Belarusian armed forces are likely be involved in military operation against Ukraine. 

There is a raise in cases of UAVs’ flights from the territory of belarus. 

Pollisskyi OZ 

Enemy units from 5th, 29th, 35th, 36th CAAs, Pacific Fleet of Eastern MD and airborne troops provide regrouping and logistic support of troops to resume advance  towards Kyiv. 

Enemy prepares to advance and cross water obstacles in the areas of Lutizh,  Petrivtsi and Vyshgorod HPP. For this purpose, there were air strikes on positions of  our forces along Dnipro River and in the areas of Kazarovichy and Lutizh. 

Siverskyi OZ 

Enemy units from 2nd, 41st CAAs and 90th TDiv of Central MD continue regrouping troops to resume the advance towards Kyiv from the north-eastern direction. 

Units from 90th TDiv and 2nd CAA (through Boryspil) are regrouping on  Brovary direction in the area of Gogoliv (Kyiv region).  

The convoy with russian military vehicles, moving from russia, was observed  on Chernihiv direction near Gorodnya.

Slobozhanskiy OZ 

Enemy units from 6th and 20th CAA, 1st TA of Western MD, 7th of MB Southern MD and Pacific Fleet are concentrating efforts on blockade and further seizure of Kharkiv, Sumy, Okhtyrka and Izum. 

Invaders don’t stop air-bomb and missile-artillery strikes, primarily on civil  and critical facilities. 

On the Izum direction, units from 20th CAA, 1st TA of Western MD and 11th AC of Baltic Fleet conduct combat actions in order to break though our defense in the  area of Kamyanka and advance towards Slovyansk. 

Units of “Rosgvardiya” were redeployed from Belgorod region to the areas  around Izum to keep occupied territories under control. 

Supply depot is forming near Chystovodivka (Kharkiv region) to provide units  of 20th CAA with ammunition. 

Donetsk OZ 

Units and formations of 1st and 2nd ACs along with 8th and 58th CAAs of Southern MD and 5th CAA of Eastern MD continue reinforcement of strike grouping  to resume advance on all directions for reaching administrative borders of Donetsk  and Luhansk regions and gaining full control over Mariupol. 

Aggressor conducts combat actions on the eastern outskirts of Mariupol with a  purpose to reach the downtown. Invaders don’t stop air-bomb and missile-artillery  strikes on residential buildings and social facilities of the city. 

Tavriyskyi OZ 

There were no changes in composition and dislocation of enemy units (58th CAA, Caspian Flotilla of Southern MD, Coastal troops of Baltic Fleet of Western MD and 5th CAA of Eastern MD). 

“Rosgvardiya” units continue filtration measures in the areas of Primorsk,  Darivka and Rozdolne (Kherson region) in order to keep occupied territories under  control. 

Southern Bug OZ 

Units and formations of 8th and 49th CAAs 22nd AC of BSF of Southern MD and airborne troops are renewing its combat capabilities, replenishing ammunition  and POL in order to resume advance towards Kryvyi Rih and Zaporizhzhya and  seizure of Mykolaiv. 

Russian military command has enhanced AD of land forces grouping (area of  Konstantynivka, Kherson region) and air support by relocation of army aviation to  captured civil airport in Skadovsk. 

Azov-Black Sea OZ 

Enemy takes urgent measures to provide AD of Berdyansk port by deployment of “Buk” SAM systems. 

There are large landing ship (LLS) “Saratov” and 2 tug boats destroyed as a  result of fire strike in port of Berdyansk. 

Another 2 LLS “Tsezar Kunikov” and “Novocherkassk” were escorted to  Kerch strait, possibly for repair on Crimean shipyards.


There are no indicators of preparation of amphibious landing operation on the Black sea shore of Ukraine. 

Tactics of terror and unlawful activity of russia on the occupied territories The enemy continues to use terrorist actions against civilian population:  targeted air/missile strikes on residential buildings (Kharkiv, Severodonetsk,  Lysychansk, Rubizhne, Kreminna, Novodruzhevsk, Voievodivka, Okhtyrka).  Targeted killing of journalists and destruction of civilian media facilities continues by  the occupiers (5 journalist were killed, 7 journalist were wounded, 1 journalist is  missing, 8 TV-towers were fired within a month). 

To justify a “special operation” for russian citizens, enemy forcibly relocates civilian population (including children) from the occupied territories (primarily form  Melitopol and Mariupol) to russia for the purpose of demonstration of “care for the  life and health of the civilian population of Ukraine”. 

Abbreviations list 

TOT – temporary occupied territories; 

MD – military district; 

OZ – operational zone; 

AOR – are of responsibility; 

JOF – Joint Operation Forces: 

CAA – combined arms army 

TA – tank army 

AC – army corps 

AAsltDiv – air assault division; 

SepAAsltBde – separate air assault brigade; 

SepCostDefBde – separate coastal defense brigade 

MRBde – motorized rifle brigade; 

MRRegt – motorized rifle regiment; 

MB – military base; 

BTGs – battalion tactical group;  

TG – tactical group; 

BSF – Black Sea Fleet; 

CTG – company tactical group; 

SOF – special operation forces; 

MLRS – multiple launch rocket system; 

SAM – surface to air missile 

HPP – hydro power plant; 

POL – petroleum, oil and lubricants; 

LLS – large landing ship; 

PMC – private military company.

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