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Russian Defense Ministry: Russian missile and artillery forces attack Ukrainian military installations 

April 23, 2022


This afternoon, a logistics terminal at a military airport near Odessa was launched with high-precision missiles of large range of air-based air-based missiles from the United States and European countries were launched. early armour.

During the day, 22 Ukrainian military objects were hit by high-product air-based missiles of the Russian Federation of Russia. Including: two battalion command observation points and one brigade control point, 11 support points, as well as live force and military equipment focus points Ukrainian Armed Forces . The losses of the nationalists consisted of up to 200 personal personnel and more than 30 units of armored equipment and cars. In the districts of Idyichevka and Kramatorsk, three warehouses of arms, military equipment and ammunition were destroyed. In the area of the settlement Novaya Dmitrovka, as a result of the strike, the zenite missile complex "Buk M1" and three radio-location stations were destroyed.

During the day 79 Ukrainian military units were defeated by the operational, tactical and military aviation of the Russian Federation of Russia. Among them: six command points, 52 areas of the focus of life force and Ukrainian military equipment, as well as 16 warehouses of missile and artillery weapons, ammunition and combustion. Four zenit missile complexes were destroyed: three "Buk-M1" in the area of Kurakhovka and Romanovka settlements, as well as one zenit rocket complex "Tor" near Sergeevka.

Three Ukrainian unmanned aircraft were destroyed by Russian anti-aircraft defense in the areas of Izzyum and Kherson settlements, including one "Bayraktar TB-2" over the settlement of Lozovaya Kharkovsky region.

102 fire tasks were carried out by missile troops and artillery during the day. Destroyed: 6 control points, 84 support points and districts of live force and military equipment, as well as 10 artillery batteries.

In total, since the beginning of a special military operation, 141 planes, 110 helicopters, 541 unmanned aircraft, 264 zenit missile complexes, 2479 tanks and other armed vehicles have been destroyed, 278 jet systems installations light fire, 1081 field artillery and mortar weapons, as well as 2321 units of special military automobile equipment.

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