November 17 — November 30, 2019    Elizabeth Economy, Ph.D. (663) (Rebroadcast)
                                                           Senior Fellow & Director of Asia Studies,
                                                           Council on Foreign Relations
                                                           “Xi Jinping’s Third Revolution and the Future of U.S.-China     Relations”


December 1— December 14, 2019    Mr. Francisco Palmieri (662) (Rebroadcast)
                                                            Acting Assistant Secretary,
                                                            Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs
                                                            “U.S. Engagement in the Western Hemisphere”


December 15— December 28, 2019    Robert O. Freedman, Ph.D. (674)
                                                              Visiting Professor,
                                                              The Johns Hopkins University
                                                              “U.S.-Israeli Relations After the U.S. withdrawal from Syria”

December 29— January 11, 2020       Mr. Marc Polymeropoulos (675)

                                                             Former Head of Clandestine Operations in Europe & Eurasia,

                                                             Central Intelligence Agency

                                                             "Life as an Intelligence Officer: from Flip Phone to the Age of Twitter"


January 12— January 25, 2020         His Excellency Piotr Wilczek (669) (Rebroadcast)

                                                            Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the United States

                                                            "Poland in 2019: Accomplishments, Challenges, Objectives"


January 26— February 8, 2020        Angela Stent, Ph.D. (672) (Rebroadcast)

                                                           Director, Center for Eurasian, Russian, & East European Studies,

                                                           Georgetown University

                                                           “Putin's World: Russia Against the West and with the Rest”


February 9— February 22, 2020       Robert J. Lieber, Ph.D. (670) (Rebroadcast)

                                                            Professor of International Government & International Affairs,         

                                                            Georgetown University

                                                            "Still the indispensable Nation?"


February 23— March 7, 2020            Jung H. Pak, Ph.D. (676)

                                                            Chair in Korea Studies; Center for East Asia Policy Studies

                                                            The Brookings Institution

                                                            "What to Expect in US-North Korea Relations in 2020"


March 8— March 21, 2020                John Duke Anthony, Ph.D. (677)

                                                            Founding President & CEO,

                                                            National Council on U.S. - Arab Relations

                                                            “Certainties and Uncertainties Regarding Iran, the Arab Region,

                                                             and the United States: What are the Implications?”