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The Trustees of the


Cordially Invite You to an Address by



President, The Scowcroft Group


June 4, 2015

Reception: 5:15 p.m.      Address: 6:00 p.m.


Members: Free of Charge* – Guest of a Member: $20.00 – Non-Members: 25.00**


After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, American optimists looked forward to the democratization of Russia, rejoiced at a prospective “peace dividend”, expected an expansion of the global sphere of democracy, foresaw an international order of law and moral norms replacing power politics, and in the extreme believed in the “end of history” and the triumph of liberal democracy.


However, today Russia plans to rebuild its military behemoth, reestablish political and economic bonds with the “near-abroad”, and regain spheres of influence, even through force if necessary.  In some areas Russia is partnering with China, which having been brought into the international economic order during the fruitful period of accommodation, now is expanding territorial claims, enhancing its military capabilities and maximizing cyber power.  Russia continues its long-standing interest in hegemony-seeking Iran and supports President Assad in Syria, to the consternation of the United States.  Paralleling these new Cold War challenges is the terrible possibility of Islamist extremism spreading further across the wide swath of Muslim countries.


Obviously, we need a clear understanding of these challenges, a description of the United States’ role in the world, and an appropriate grand strategy.  In these reflections, we are fortunate to be joined by one of the nation’s most deeply experienced and respected authorities on national security. 


The Honorable Franklin Miller served in the United States government for thirty-one years, twenty-two in the Department of Defense—serving under seven secretaries—and four years as a Special Assistant to President George W. Bush and as Senior Director for Defense Policy and Arms Control on the National Security Staff.  Following his government service, he was a Vice Present and then Senior Counselor of the Cohen Group.  He now is a Principal of the Scowcroft Group.


He holds the Department of Defense’s highest civilian award, similar high awards from the Department of State, the Department of the Navy, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the National Nuclear Security Administration, and the Defense Intelligence Agency.  He holds the French Legion of Honor and is Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire.   He currently serves on the Defense Policy Board and the U.S. Strategic Command Advisory Group.


It is an honor and pleasure to again welcome the Honorable Franklin Miller to the Council.

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